Fortress - An unfinished Fort Apocalypse clone on the Amiga

Per-Ola Eriksson has contacted us recently about an unfinished game called ' Fortress ' that he has shown working on an Amiga 68k. This game found on the author's website, uploaded with kind permission from Chris Leathley, is an unfinished Fort Apocalypse clone; a clone of a game that was originally released in 1982 on the Atari 8 bit and C64 as a 2D directional scroller where the player navigates an underground prison in a helicopter, destroying enemies and rescuing the prisoners.

According to the creator on his website, although he did start programming in C on an Amiga 500, it wasn't until he got his hands on an Amiga 1000 (68000) that he started to do actual demo's and experimentation. Over the next 7 years he wrote a heap of demos, worked for a game software company, a few game editors and a lot of games with one of them being this unfinished one Fortress!

1) Source 2) Download 3) Website

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