Mages of Aethelion - NES strategy game is in development

It's not often we mention new strategy games coming to the NES, but Estlib and with the help of MS-DOS, have announced they are working on a NES strategy game called Mages of Aethelion, which they hope to be a feature complete turn-based exploration experience. Now before you get your hopes up, there is a long way to go as the game is still in development and the screenshots below will be subject to change, especially the terrain.

Moving on to the good stuff, the creators have said the game is to feature a faux-hexagonal design to the game layout resembling 4x games for various other platforms, like Warlock: Master of the Arcane and others, semi-randomly generated terrain, AI opponents for quick play & campaign, up to 4 players in multiplayer mode, spellcasting, lore, 9 different units, and much much more to make this NES game really stand out in the crowd!

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