PLAY Expo Blackpool 2018 - Gaming Youtuber Interviews

Every year since 2012, Replay Events has held the annual gaming extravaganza PLAY Expo in the somewhat rough but lovable Blackpool. 2018 was no exception, and so I attended for a forth time. On this visit however, I intended to seize the chance to interview some prolific and up and coming gaming youtubers. I talked wrestling games with Kim Justice, video scripting with Slopes Game Room, the WiiU with Top Hat Gaming Man and Ghost n' Goblins with Octavius Kitten, plus much more. A total of 7 interviews in total, split into 3 films. These guys create some excellent gaming content, a bit of something for everyone in the retro sphere.

Also, I made a little travel vlog following my journey to and about Blackpool, some event footage, photographs and chat about the weekend.


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