C64 Roundup Weekly - Another exceptional week for C64 news!

This week has been another exceptional week for C64 news. We've seen a world's first C64 programming feat from Antonio Savona, a new Itch.io release, news of some great looking new games, and Commodore Format's world exclusive reveal: the return of a C64 legend. This has to be my last weekly roundup for a couple of weeks while I take a holiday. So enjoy the latest, and I'll be back early April.

Bomb Jack Beer Edition - Enhanced classic WIP for the Commodore Amiga reaches beta 2D

Yet again Bomb Jack has appeared in our news feeds; a classic Arcade game from 1984 which required you the hero to collect all the red bombs on the screen to save historic places of interest while also avoiding deadly enemies such as birds and mummies! As we said before that same game which also had many different ports including the less than great Amiga port, has once again been overhauled to Bomb Jack Beer Edition but this time as version 2D!

STEEL JEEG - ZX Speccy game based on the 1970's Toei Animation of the same name.

Even more speccy heads up has been sent to us by Zbigniew "Saberman" Zieliński, as he's come across a game called STEEL JEEG for the ZX Spectrum. Unlike the previous game we mentioned which was a puzzle game, this one is an action game developed by Francesco Forte using Jonathan Cauldwell's Arcade Game Designer, which is also based on the 1970's Toei Animation of the same name.

RESCUE LANDER - A special review by a new team member Rob Munns, aka The Games Helmet

A couple of months ago I decided to start writing reviews of ZX Spectrum homebrew games in the style of “Your Sinclair” magazine - the classic and very silly computer mag of the 80’s and early 90’s. I am very happy to have been asked to post my reviews to Indie Retro News as of today, and here is the first, David Pagett’s “Rescue Lander” from 2015. I create the reviews in the style of a magazine scan for that true retro feel, and because I’m rubbish at desktop publishing. Hope you enjoy it!

Knights - Another puzzler but this time as a ZX Spectrum port!

When I was a young lad my step dad used to always go on about Chess. He'd sit there for hours on end moving around pieces as if the end result would be some grand prize. It certainly wasn't my idea of fun as I was a video gamer! So how do you blend something you don't enjoy into something you do, well this game might just do it, 'Knights'. A new game for the ZX Spectrum which is a port of a much earlier PC game.

The True Slime King - A very slime orientated challenging platformer!

When it comes to games such as Meat Boy and VVVVV you just know the game is going to be fun but extremely challenging and sometimes frustrating as hell. Well along comes another game to drive you completely insane while remaining fun too, is 'The True Slime King' developed by Josh Penn-Pierson. Currently available through early access with a demo to boot, The True Slime King is a hardcore puzzle platformer with a focus on tight controls, challenging maneuvers, and mind-bending puzzles.... So yes prepare to die A LOT!

Block Off - A new WIP Amiga game for puzzle fans!

We've recently received a heads up in our email and via Facebook that a brand new game has appeared for the Amiga called ' Block Off ', which was made in AMOS by Colin Vella with a cool soundtrack by Simone Bernacchia. If you love puzzle based games and are sick and tired of platformers then read on, as this one will suit you perfectly!

Indie Retro News Patreon Funding Campaign is launched!

Finally after being poked left right and centre last year to set up a Patreon Funding campaign to help Indie Retro News, it's time to announce that the campaign is now live! Yes indeed thanks to a kick up the back side ;) and Chris Wilkins of those awesome Fusion Retro Books such as The Story of the Commodore 64 in Pixels and The Crash Annual 2018 reminding us throughout 2017 we've decided now is the right time to launch for even more Amiga, Amstrad, C64 and even ZX Spectrum goodness!

So what do you get out of it? Well apart from more write ups from us which is really going to kick up a notch next week, we will hire extra writers, you will get some exclusive heads up news AND more awesome stuff in the pipeline ;)

Links : 1) Indie Retro News Patreon Page

Peter Pack Rat - Hokuto Force re-releases a C64 ratty classic with a number of fixes!

If you've heard of Pack Rat before then you were probably around in the 80's playing it in the Arcades or at home playing the Arcade conversion either on an Amstrad, C64 or ZX Spectrum. This game which was released back in 1985 by Atari Games, was ported over to home computers in 1989 by Software Creations and featured a very chirpy soundtrack by Tim Follin. The only problem with the C64 version however according to Hokuto Force was it had a few issues which of course they have set out to fix.

ZX-Dev Conversions Finished! - The announcement has been made and the winner is....

It's a time to rejoice ZX Spectrum gamers as we've just been told that the latest ZX Spectrum competition called ZX-DEV conversions is now over and the results have been announced. This competition which had its first edition in 2015 with some pretty cool games such as Steel Balls, Rabbit in Nightmareland and even Fist-Ro Fighter has once again astounded our readers with games such as Mighty Final Fight, Ninja Gaiden, Gimmick!, Retroforce and many others... So who's the big winner? Read on to find out!

The Long Reach - Horror filled Adventure on Steam today with a demo

Gamers who prefer a more horror oriented adventure will be pleased with this news, as we've recently found out the thriller horror game of ' The Long Reach ' will be released on Steam today between now and the next 5 hours, ( Depending on when you read this article ). The Long Reach is flavoured with sci-fi ideology, psychological context and a sceptical view on the human psyche. For anyone wanting to play the game early, the developers have released a small demo for you to try.

Ghost of a Tale - A beautiful action RPG featuring a cute mouse, now on GOG/Steam!

Something for everyone this week for both retrogamers and indie gamers alike, as now we look towards SeithCG's beautiful action RPG 'Ghost of a Tale', which has since been released on both GOG and Steam for PC. Starring a cute little mouse minstrel called Tilo, you must set out on a perilous adventure through a medieval world populated only by animals where dangers and quests await!

Mini DOOM 2 - First person shooter hit classic transformed into a 2D platformer!

The original hit Doom was developed by id Software way back in 1993 as a first person shooter playing as a space marine fighting hordes of demons and the undead in order to survive. But now Calavera Studio has released a tribute to that famous game, but this time as a 2D action platformer called ' Mini DOOM 2' developed using Game Maker Studio! In this game you must battle your way through multiple stages using classic Doom weapons and power ups against enemies just as you remember them from the original Doom.

Tower 57 - Retro inspired shooter gets an Amiga release!

After all the news updates regarding Benitosub and Cyangmou's 16-bit shooter ' Tower 57 ' ; which is an arcade love child of Alien Breed and Chaos Engine. We are pleased to announce this fantastic game has been released for the Amiga such as AmigaOS 4.1, MorphOS and AROS. This game that smashed through a Kickstarter success and Steam Greenlight, was previously released for the PC and was regarded as a great game that anyone could pick up and play.

Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan - Upcoming release by Collectorvision Games looks fantastic!

In the early 80's many of us had the pleasure of playing the adventure platformer 'Montezuma's Revenge' on the Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Apple II, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, IBM PC, Sega Master System and even the ZX Spectrum (as Panama Joe). It combined treasure hunting, lots of rooms, puzzle solving and deadly traps and enemies that needed to be avoided almost as if you were playing as Indiana Jones himself. But now once again we look towards a new game in that style, as Collectorvision Games has announced Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan for modern systems!

Warhawk - Rusty Pixels is overhauling an 80's blaster for the ZX Spectrum Next

Way back in 1986 Firebird Software released the scrolling shoot em up game ' Warhawk ' for the Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, Amstrad and the C64. The gameplay involved lots of top down scrolling action as the player had to deal with lots of obstacles before the ultimate wave of enemy ships attacked the player at the end of each level. So if you remember this game you'll be pleased to know Rusty Pixels and Flashbang Studio have not only released an overhauled demo for the ZX Spectrum next, but a full version is in the works.

Compilation Dizzy Anthology - A bonanza of Amiga Dizzy games playable on PC

Ever since I had an Amstrad CPC 464 and then on to an Amiga, I have always been a massive Dizzy fan, playing pretty much every Dizzy game ever released since 1987 by the famous Oliver Twins. One such Dizzy game I remember so well was Fantastic Dizzy, which appeared on the Amiga, Game Gear, NES, Sega Mega Drive and even via your browser thanks to our good friends the YolkFolk! So why are we mentioning this again? Well as of this week TheCompany.PL have released the Compilation Dizzy PC Anthology, which features all the Dizzy games ever released on the Amiga!

C64 Roundup Weekly - New games, and early game pics, just another week on the C64

Welcome to a slightly late weekly roundup.  The good news is the extra delay has allowed us to announce the awesome new cartridge release of MAH (RGCD).  Also we've seen 2 brand new C64 game releases from The New Dimension and Picaro Games.  Reset's Craptastic games competition gets under way, and we've spotted a couple of early teaser graphics from future C64 games.

Roust! ZX81 Birthday Edition - Allan Turvey celebrates the ZX81!

Well this is a bit of a surprise as I thought Allan Turvey's Spectrum conversion of Joust couldn't get any better, yet here we are mentioning the ZX81 version of Roust! Which has since been released for all to enjoy. Yes indeed in celebration of the ZX81 home computer produced by Sinclair Research and manufactured in Scotland by Timex Corporation, Highrise Electronics Inc have released the Roust! ZX81 Birthday Edition in celebration of 37 years since the computer appeared in our hands.

3DNes V2 - A rather cool emulator that lets you play NES games in 3D hits version 2!

Great news this afternoon as Geod has released the latest version of his very special emulator which allows you to play many NES games completely in 3D, 3DNes V2! This rather cool piece of software that's available for the PC allows you to run true 3D graphics for old flat CRT screen NES games which can be played in any resolution, with customization graphics and full mono or stereo sound! What a brilliant Emulator, which really shines with a 3D graphical Mario, Castlevania or even Megaman!

Barbarian - Head chopping classic is coming to the Sega Dreamcast

Barbarian or as it was called in the United States, Death Sword, was first released in 1989 for the C64 and later ported to other systems including the Acorn, Amiga, Amstrad, Atari, Apple II, BBC Micro, MS-DOS and ZX Spectrum. It was a fine game indeed that featured a one to two player mode as each Barbarian faced each other off in deadly combat. What set this game apart from other combative titles was the ability to slice at each other to the death, which usually ended up with a head being chopped clean off and kicked to one side. It is was a game that has lived on through a generation and now it's the turn of the Sega Dreamcast to get involved as it is getting its very own port!

Project ZX2 - The sequel to Richard Langford's ZX Spectrum flavoured game is announced!

Great news everyone as Richard Langford of Langford Productions has just announced his latest game that's in development ' Project ZX2 ' which is a sequel to the previous game ' Project ZX '. Now if you remember the previous game that was released for the PC, you'll be pleased to know that the second game is very similar to the first as sure enough you'll be blasting your way through many different screens all inspired by classic ZX Spectrum games!

Dark Quest 2 - A nod to the legendary board and video game Hero Quest

Way back in the early 90's a fantastic top down game based on an original board game was released by Gremlin, that became hugely popular to the point of receiving great reviews and ending up as one of the top most recommended games to have in any retro collection. That game was none other than ' Hero Quest ', a video game adaptation with a great soundtrack, of the fantasy board-game from Games Workshop and Milton Bradley. So you'll have to forgive my over excitement as I have just found out that ' Dark Quest 2 ' developed by Brain Seal Ltd, which is a turn based RPG inspired by that legendary game, is available to purchase on Steam!

The Beast Inside - Photorealistic horror game aims for a Kickstarter success

Our good friends PlayWay have contacted us regarding a brand new horror experience that has been launched on Kickstarter and is already at 75% of the required goal. Called 'The Beast Inside' and developed by ILLUSION RAY STUDIO with publishing rights by MOVIE GAMES, this is a photorealistic horror game as a twist on the thriller and survival horror genres telling a multilayered story!

Carrion - A bloody game revealed by BUTCHER devs!

Put away your fluffy toys and tell your children it's time for bed, as BUTCHER devs Transhuman Design have announced a very gory game called ' Carrion '. Now if the previous game was anything to go by this one has gone up a notch in blood, as according to the developers this is going to be a gory reverse horror game, in which you assume the role of an amorphous alien being and have the ability to rip the insides out of anything human you come across!

Stunt Car Racer - A brilliant game is being ported to the Atari Jaguar!

While many of you were overjoyed to hear that Stunt Car Racer from the C64 had been ported over to the Atari 8-bit, you probably didn't know that the Atari Jaguar was also getting in on the action! Yes that's right Stunt Car Racer is coming over to the Jaguar, but this time it's being ported from the Atari ST and is being coded by CyranoJ, who was inspired by the A8 version mentioned not long ago!

Bomb Jack Beer Edition - Amiga WIP version enhanced gets a new AGA beta build

This is a short and sweet update as we've been contacted by Graeme Cowie that his work in progress enhanced version of Bomb Jack as Bomb Jack Beer edition, has been updated to beta version 2C. Now some of you may be wondering what exactly could've been done in such a short time from the previous version, well the developer has told us this version now works on AGA chipsets! So yes Commodore Amiga's such as the A1200 can now feel the Bomb Jack love!

WinUAE 3.6.1 - The best Amiga Emulator gets another feature final!

Yet again after lots of beta updates and soon after 3.6.0 was released in Jan, we have just been told by by Guitar Anthony that Toni Wilen has released a brand new WinUAE version 3.6.1, much to the excitement of the Amiga community. Many of us thought that 3.6.0 would be enough to keep us going through the entire year, but not so, as with 3.6.1 comes new fixes, features and expansions! Basically another great edition for the best version of the Amiga emulator!

Bomb Jack Beer Edition - An enhanced classic WIP for the Commodore Amiga reaches beta 2!

Well this is glorious news for a Monday as over the weekend we were contacted by Graeme Cowie, that his work in progress overhaul of Bomb Jack for the Commodore Amiga as Bomb Jack Beer Edition, has reached beta version 2! This game which we featured previously as one of many ports of the original Arcade classic, is being overhauled as close to the Arcade version as possible. Also as an added extra there will be added backgrounds from famous landmarks of his favourite drinking places such as Newcastle (Angel of the North), with each round having different beers to collect

A Tribute to Chris Hülsbeck - Happy 50th Birthday Album for a music legend!

The weather is severe outside with blizzards and freezing rain, so to keep us all entertained while we sit indoors the German Remix Group have released a stunning album called 'A Tribute to 'Chris Hülsbeck', which is a 50th birthday tribute to a legendary retro gaming music artist who wrote soundtracks for more than 70 titles such as Apidya, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, R-Type intro, X-Out and many others.

Golden Wing - Best Amiga Game Award winner at Capacitor Party 2017 gets a final release!

From the 25th to the 26th of November last year, the third edition of the Capacitor party was held in Spain with new Amiga demo's, music and games. In fact during the event one such game was shown called Golden Wing by CopperSky was not only enjoyed by many but actually won the Best Game Award. So if you remember the game, you'll be pleased to know as of today it has been released as a FINAL version in both ADF and HD formats!

Thimbleweed Park - Ransome *Unbeeped* - A fabulous Adventure now with added swear words!

I'm sure by now many of you have played the awesome adventure game ' Thimbleweed Park' , which is a fun packed adventure from the creators of the incredible LucasArts classic Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. Well you'll be pleased to know Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick have done it again, as we've just been told the Thimbleweed Park DLC "Ransome Unbeeped" has been released much to the surprise of fans across the globe... Yes if you love a good swear, then read on!

Wolfenstein 3DGE - A faithful reinterpretation of the classic Wolfenstein 3D

Considering how many people loved our article in relation Ion Maiden; the work in progress first person shooter that uses the famous Build engine from 3D Realms; an engine that powered Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior and other 90's hits. I thought i'd take a look at other games out there that might just tickle your fancy! Sure enough out pops the latest update of Wolfenstein 3DGE, a faithful reinterpretation of the classic Wolfenstein 3D, designed for and requiring the latest version of 3DGE and a DOOM/Freedoom IWAD.

Exploding Fish - An old school Arcade game coming to the C64

Well this is good news and even more so after today's C64 Roundup Weekly from Hayesmaker, as we've just learnt through our twitter page of a new game that is coming called Exploding Fish, which is soon to be released on the next reset64! This game developed as his first C64 game by Chris Stanley‏ with music by Andrew Fisher is going to be an old-school arcade game for all to enjoy!

C64 Roundup Weekly - All the latest from the current world of the biggest and best 8 bit machine.

Hi and welcome to the second instalment of my C64 weekly roundup.  All the latest C64 news compiled into one weekly article of news.  This week we've got new game announcements, new game releases, new C64 music and utilities.  There is so much going on on the C64 right now, we might have to start doing these daily!