ALL HALLOWS - Rise of the Pumpkin - ‎John Blythe‎'s next ZX Spectrum game is in the works!

Glorious news via our Facebook feed today as John Blythe‎; the creator of Circuitry, Foggy's Quest, and even The Incredible Shrinking Professor, has announced a brand new ZX Spectrum game in development called ' ALL HALLOWS - Rise of the Pumpkin '!  Due to be released later this year and created using Arcade Game Designer by Jonathan Cauldwell. ALL HALLOWS puts you in control of the Pumpkin on a quest to stop The Dark Forest Lord. You must reactivate the Pentagram Stones (Moon Stones). Their powerful ward magic will again trap the fiend for another 1000 years. It your time to rise!

John Blythe has created some great games over the years with everyone of them being a joy to play. This latest game looks equally as enjoyable as not only is it a platformer which I personally like, but according to John it's a barmy bouncy one! So keep an eye on this one as apart from a small piece of footage released there isn't much else to go on!

Links : 1) Facebook Source + Gameplay

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