Huntdown - Co-op arcade shooter in development for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch!

I had to opportunity to try a demo of the side-scrolling shoot em up game Huntdown and I instantly fell in love with this game! Huntdown is a retro style shoot em up that takes place in a post-apocalyptic Cyberpunk setting with support for 2-players. Huntdown draws inspiration from old arcade shooters like Contra and Metal Slug but the developers added more tactical elements like taking cover behind walls and alleys and jumping up and down from platforms just like in the Rolling Thunder games. There are a lot of different weapons to pick up and they all feel very different. Weapons like shotguns and hand cannons pushes the enemies away on impact and makes them fly through the stage and it just feels great! And other small details like kicking in doors and enemies, sliding on the floor and that you can revive your friend with a defibrillator made the game even more fun!

You work as bounty hunters trying to find and kill different leaders. Just like in the movie The Warriors every level has a different style of gangs that are spread out through the levels and at the end you encounter the leader that you have to kill to collect the bounty.

The level of detail in the pixel graphics is just amazing, the game doesn't use any recurring tiles anywhere, every level is carefully drawn making every stage unique. And the animations and the details of the Cyberpunk setting with neon light skyscrapers in the background to all the small props on the levels are all beautifully crafted.

Huntdown is being developed right now by four members of a Swedish indie gaming team called Easy Trigger Games and the game will be released later this year on Steam, Ps4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Be sure to follow Easy Trigger Games Facebook page for updates.

Links 1) Facebook 2) Website

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