Aeon of Sands - Dungeon Crawling RPG love letter to the 90's gets new footage

As most of you know I'm a huge Dungeon Crawling RPG fan, especially games that hark back to the days of Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder or Lands of Lore. Thus it's with some excitement to announce that the work in progress crawler 'Aeon of Sands ' developed by Two Bits Kid, has been shown off with new footage giving us a glimpse at the new magic system, new spell selection and new audio ambient track.

If you've not heard of this game before it is a "Dungeon Adventure" story-driven RPG love letter to the golden Amiga, PC classics of the 90's, and will be the first chapter in the series in which you follow a young city clerk on his adventures in a world under two suns, between the life they nurture and the ruin they bring.

The game will be a story-driven experience with unique choices, real time action, auto mapping, and more than 20 big dungeons full of unique items (300+) with lots of creepy monsters and menacing bosses. What's more Aeon of Sands will feature a skill gain system and an item-based magic system, in a game world of great hand drawn art work and painted visuals.

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