A new Shoot em up project by Ilker gets its first gameplay trailer!

Shoot em ups have never gone out of fashion, there's something to be said about blasting waves of enemies on screen, while collecting wicked power ups and listening to that thumping soundtrack. Thankfully one such developer likes to keep the shoot em up goodness flowing, as Ilker Esen has recently contacted us to tell us not only is he working on a new shoot em up based around these awesome classics, but there's since been a new gameplay trailer released to whet your appetite.

Although it's in a very early stage of development and doesn't yet have a proper title or full in game footage, the developer Ilker has told us via (Facebook) he is designing an entirely new arcade-style space shooter, that draws influences from classic games, with a goal to bring that authentic old-school shmup feel in true fashion to modern platforms, combined with modern quality pixel art and fresh rocking music done by the creator himself.

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