Judge Dredd and the House of Death - A big Adventure game is coming to a C64 near you via Atlantis

I don't usually do writing on weekends but at certain times we get news updates that just need to be announced! Well here are with Judge Dredd and the House of Death; an upcoming Adventure game from Atlantis that is not only based on the original 1986 pen and paper game from Diceman issue #1, but it will be a choose your own Adventure game based on your decisions that will be released this Summer 2021 fitting on two disk sides!

Furthermore if that wasn't enough to get you excited, there will be over 50 screens of dreadful pixels, feature an original SID music score, load crazy fast on original hardware, have battle sequences set in an RPG style, include Easter eggs, coded by Qzer0w, graphics by Lobo, Music by Divertigo, loader by Krill and much much more as game you'll not want to miss out on when it gets a release this Summer

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