Wonderboy - A great Arcade classic coming to the Commodore Amiga is progressing well!

When I was a wee lad spending all my money down at the Arcades, one such game I used to love was that fantastic platformer ' Wonder Boy ' designed by Ryuichi Nishizawa. A game which started its life as a skateboarding rock jumping and axe bashing platformer, that later became the adventure platformer with RPG elements Wonderboy in Monsterland. And it's the original Wonderboy which is getting an another announcement today, as trawling through the EAB forums, we've seen some new gifs of the work in progress Amiga port that is being developed for the Amigamejam competition by acidbottle.

Although it doesn't look like the game will be finished any time soon, as we said before in our previous announcement. You'll be pleased to learn that not only is Wonderboy being created using Earok's amazing Scorpion engine , but the game will also being made with Aseprite and PPaint with a palette of 32 colour, requirements of an OSC with some extra memory, and finally the creator is hopeful that this amazing looking port will be finished for the Amigamejam as a hopeful winning entry....So watch this space.

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