Axe Princess - Fantasy, action, beat'em-up game with rather large boobs (Kickstarter)

Bad Dudes V Ninjas - Arcade Classic *kickstarter* ( Remake )

Barbarian - Beat em up/Hack n Slash Remake ( REMAKE )

Battle High 2 - HD Beat Em Up

Crawl - An arcade dungeon crawler full of pixelated action goodness!

Dungeons and Dragons, Knights and Dragons the endless quest (Epic Beat em up)

Dungeons the Eye of Draconus - Golden Axe inspired, with a touch of comedy (Kickstarter)

Earth’s Special Forces - Dragonball Z fans, time to go crazy!

Eternal Champions - The Thin Strings of Fate (Free Full Game)

Carny Death Peddlers - Indie Beat em up

Fighting Is Magic - My little Pony 2D Fighter

Final Fight Gold - Champion Edition : Beat em up (REMAKE)

Fighting Street - Street fighter in a new style of game play!

Fist of Awesome - Bear based beat em up now available on Steam!

Fuzzy Slaughter – Co-op 4 player beat 'em up

Golden Axe Myth - Fan Based Remake

Golden Axe Genesis - An awesome take on the arcade classic! 

Jennifer - Brutal Gorish Beat Em Up

Joe Blade 3 - Arcade Beat em up ( REMAKE )

Karate Master 2 Knock Down Blow - Realistic fighting for your Steam Greenlight votes!

Legend of Dungeon - co-op roguelike beat em up

Marvel First Alliance - Another Beat em up and this one is free!

Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins - Beat em up

NES-Retku - Kick ass looking beat em up

Radical Heroes - Homage to the classic beat'em ups of the past! (Steam Greenlight+Demo)

River City Ransom: Underground - A follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups(Kickstarter)

Rooks Keep - Fantasy melee deathmatch/arena game with a demo!

Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu Lite - Beat em up dedicated to the Art of Fighting!

Skullgirls - 2D Fighter Coming to Pc / Steam

Streets of Rage ( Remake )

STORM :Neverending night - Foreword

SWOOOORDS! Colon Lords of the Sword - Co-op Dungeon Brawler

Super Mario Brawl - Beat Em Up

Super Techno ninja - A side scrolling action game with a ninja (Kickstarter)

Super Vampire Ninja Zero - Beat Em Up

Terrordrome - Battle it out with gorish well known characters (Free Game!)

The Asskickers - A beat em up with style!

The King Of Fighters XIII "Steam Edition" - Smack those foes in awesome HD graphics

To The Death - A mash up of a Beat em up and Shoot em up with plenty of eye candy (Kickstarter)

Treachery in Beatdown City - Old School style Beat Em Up

Vanguard Princess - Kickass fighting game

Witchy Woo - A high quality MAGS Entry June 2013 Adventure!

World Heroes Supreme Justice - Beat em up