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Aurum for C64 (Unreleased text adventure from 1987, now with English translation)

Back in the 1980's, Dutch developer John Vanderaart (aka DRJ, also known as Doctor John) programmed games for the Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and MSX computers, with his most famous games being text adventures. He also wrote action games and educational software and founded Radarsoft with some of his fellow students which released his first games and a few of the more successful games were released internationally including the shooter Eindeloos/Endless

Xain'D Sleena - C64 has a new retro remake!

I feel sorry for the Amstrad at the moment as it seems all the latest games coming out are either C64 or ZX Spectrum based, and once again we have another one for the C64, Xain'D Sleena. Released by Sputnik World you play as Xain, who is a galactic bounty-hunter who must defeat the evil forces who oppress five different planets. This is done by traversing the levels while shooting enemies and dodging natural hazards. Although it's a not a bad remake it does need a lot of work and some people who have played it gave it less than positive reviews : unforgiving gameplay, just kept dying, instead of having fun. But still if trying the latest games on your C64 is your thing, give the game a try!

Commando Arcade released for C64!

It's time to rejoice all you C64 owners as Commando Arcade has just been released by Nostalgia for C64 based hardware and emulators. Unlike the original retro release this up to date version is more like the Arcade and features more levels, new level features, new graphics, a new scroller and much much more. This is by far the best 8 bit version now available of Commando which is a run and gun, shoot em up style arcade game that was originally ported in 1985 to multiple early systems including the C64.

Darkness - Psytronik Software releases another top quality game for the C64!

You may be forgiven in thinking that there are no longer games made for retro based systems such as the C64, but here comes another top quality title from the well known developers Psytronik Software, who are very keen in keeping the C64 name alive (read our previous article as an example). Darkness is their latest release and features a massive 100 screen game, as you help the adventurer Stan rescue his girl in a sprawling jungle map. This could be Psytronik's best game yet as it contains lush locations, an atmospheric soundtrack, plenty of action and much more. If you have a C64 or playing through an emulator you'll not want to miss this!

Commodore 64 - Still going strong today!

Who would ever of thought that 32 years after it's release and approx 17 million units sold, the commodore 64 would still be going strong today? Well it is! The most popular home computer of the 80's is alive and kicking. A testament to this is shown in the amount of physical releases being produced each year.

Lawless Legends - New Apple ][ / Commodore 64 CRPG currently in development

Lawless Legends is a new wild western style computer role playing game, that is being developed for the Apple ][, Commodore 64, and other more modern platforms.

Commodore's Bankruptcy 20th Anniversary [ UPDATE ]

Today marks the day of the 20th Anniversary since the bankruptcy of Commodore, who are regarded as one of the worlds greatest home retro computer manufacturers. The company developed and marketed one of the world's best-selling desktop computers, the Commodore 64 (1982) and released its Amiga computer line in 1985, but in April 29th 1994 Commodore International declared bankruptcy. Yet even today people are still keeping the systems alive with new hardware, new music and even home brew games. You can even find people collecting the original games in the hundreds! The original Commodore may be gone, but that doesn't mean there's no life left at all. Today we will take a the best you tube videos of the Commodore and the best in Commodore retro gaming! [ UPDATE : More Videos Added ]

Markus Schneider - Orchestral C64 remixes

Markus Schneider composes some of the finest Commodore 64 music remixes and what better way to celebrate that fact, than a home made youtube video of his best orchestral work. Although his music is regularly played on SlayRadio it's also available to download directly from Remix64. So put those headphones on and let the music sooth you!

Head Over Heels - Top quality remake of an isometric retro classic!

Due to popular demand, Head Over Heels was mentioned as the next remake to take a look at and wow does this one not disappoint. The original version was first released in 1987 for several 8-bit home computers such as the Amstrad, C64 and ZX Spectrum, but this faithful remake is based on the Spectrum version with all new gorgeous graphics and new features. Although originally designed by Jon Ritman, Bernie Drummond and developed by Ocean Software, the remake of Head Over Heels was designed by Tomaz Kac in 2003. A remake so damn good that it's every bit as good as the original but with added features such as a new save system! Yes, you can still control two characters... If you want to play a great remake, a great isometric adventure puzzle game, then look no further than Head Over Heels, you'll not be dissapointed.
Systems : PC, Mac, Beos, Linux

Recommended Youtubers for retro hardware goodness Lazy Game Reviews, Kooky Tech....

As you well know, this site is very much based on both the Indie and Retro side of gaming goodness, especially with my era going back to the 80's. Well just recently, I was checking through some of the best Youtubers, looking for some great hardware reviews of Retro systems. Well sure enough I found them, and although I don't usually plug other peoples views, this comes as an exception. I never had a C64, nor did I have a ZX Spectrum, but I did have an Amstrad cpc 464 and then onto an Amiga. There is something missing nowadays, as when I was a kid, there was complete excitement just going into a store and buying the latest magazine or seeing rows and rows of tapes at just £2.99. Or the large Amiga boxes full of colour, lots of floppies and spin wheels donating the games anti-protection. Such good times, such awesome games.... So if you are looking to buy a Retro computer system, either an 8bit or 16/32bit then enjoy the videos below!

Games I remember with a remake - THRUST

I'll say it right now, Thrust was an incredibly fun game for such a low budget title. It was published by Firebird Software Ltd and released in 1986 and for what it didn't have in graphics, it excelled in the fun factor. Thrust came on many different systems including the Atari 2600, Amstrad CPC, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, BBC Micro, Commodore 16, Plus/4, Commodore 64, Electron, Vectrex, and ZX Spectrum. I myself spent many hours of enjoyment plus frustration on my Amstrad CPC playing this game. The simple task of pulling out Klystron Pods, out and into space ended up with either, your ship pulling the pod into the side of a cave, or you smashing your ship into another object. But it had far more to it than that!

Awesome Club Retro 8bit Remix - the beginning 初め c64 1987 - amok space flight mix

Good afternoon Indie/Retro gamers I've done some more work on the site which should help towards faster page load times and even replaced that awful search engine with a new one, you can also subscribe to the website by email. But enough about that, a little treat for the game music lovers today as some of you are feeling left out. An awesome remix - the beginning 初め c64 1987, amok space flight mix. It's got some good beats and it's very clubby! one of my favourites.

Thanks to Jeroen Godfried for his awesome remix!, TURN THIS WAY UP!

Commodore 64 Music Tribute

A great music tribute to the Commodore 64, lots of decent retro remixes and retro gameplay!