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The Legend of Candlewind: Nights & Candles - A dungeon crawling experience on Steam

Recently spotted by Andy on our dungeon crawling Facebook group, The Legend of Candlewind: Nights & Candles by Atmosphere Entertainment Studios is the latest RPG dungeon crawler to appear on Steam. Set deep in the depths of the Earth, an evil dark power is appearing and wants the destruction of the town of Candlewind. It's down to you and your warriors to walk the menacing corridors and put a stop to this evil for good.

Tanks of Freedom - Turn based strategy with tanks!

Originally a game jam release, P1X has announced that 'Tanks of Freedom' is now available to play as an early beta build. Featuring hand made pixel art with an original soundtrack made on Access Virus C, you are tasked with the destruction of your enemy via the development of units that must reach and destroy the enemy HQ.

Palm Kingdoms 3 on Indiegogo until December 14th

The developers at iosoftware are currently working on Palm Kingdoms 3: A 'Heroes of Might and Magic inspired' turn based strategy game for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, and Windows. Palm Kingdoms 3 is currently on Indiegogo until December 14th.

Build&Battle - Turn based tower defense in final days of crowdfund

German solo developer Jens Bolanz AKA funtraum is putting together a turn-based, tower defense game but with RTS elements thrown in for good measure. The indiegogo campaign is in its last few days though, so he'll need some 11th hour help to get to his goal of just $6000

Graywalkers: Purgatory - Tactical Turn-based supernatural post-apocalyptic RPG gets a Kickstarter campaign.

Greywalkers is a rather interesting game that's currently going through a kickstarter campaign, it boasts that it is the first in a series of Emergent Strategic and Tactical Turn-based 3D Role-Playing Games set in a stylish supernatural post-apocalyptic world, where parts of Heaven, Hell and Earth have merged together in an event called "The Rupture". It will be released for PC (Windows, Mac & Linux) as both Steam and DRM-free versions.

Lanterna -The Exile (an IceBlink Engine RPG) ported to Android

Lanterna - The Exile, (an IceBlink Engine RPG) has recently been ported to Android and as of August 24, 2014 is available for purchase on Google Play for .99 cents. Lanterna is the second IceBlink module to be ported to Android.

Legions of Ashworld - Turn based strategy across parched lands for Steam July 4th

Many years ago when the 8-bit ruled the era, there was a game called Lords of Midnight by Mike Singleton that took the world by storm. A game that featured a ground breaking technique called landscaping to depict the lands of Midnight from a first-person perspective. It was such a grand game that had you both traversing the landscape to solve a quest and recruiting troops for the war to come. Well fast forward to today and Wastelands Interactive have announced that Legions of Ashworld, which is very similar to Lords of Midnight, will be released on Steam for July 4th.

Midboss : Positively Possessing

Midboss is a procedurally generated, turn based dungeon crawler with a heavy focus on enemy possession made by Emma 'Eniko' Maassen. You begin the game as a weak imp and will want to posses the first rat you see. In order to posses a creature you must first mark the enemy with a possession spell then defeat them. This requirement means you can't simply go and posses the strongest monster you see and keep the game tough. Possessing a creature is also fully heals you and is one of the few ways to heal your character in the game which makes constant use of possession essential.

GhostControl - Take on the ghosts in the latest Steam release!

One of our readers Sven Vößing has just informed us that Ghost Control Inc, which is a turn based strategy management game from the developer Bumblebee, is now available to buy today on Steam. A game that can only be described as Ghostbusters mashed up with XCOM as you are tasked with the building and managing of your own team of talented Ghost Hunters in a world of the paranormal. As the developer states :  Manage a team of Ghosthunters and free London from paranormal terror in turn-based battles. Develop your own strategy and build your business well. With the income from your team's work you can equip them with some amazing gadgets, but manage your budget with care not everything is as useful as it may appear. Hunt your customers ghosts down - property damage should be kept to a minimum. Take on the ghosts, follow the map, take in the lovely sites and stunning landmarks.

KeeperRL - Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress inspired dungeon simulator game pushes for crowdfunding

I have just been informed by Michał Brzozowski that his opensource dungeon simulator game, KeeperRL is now up for crowd funding via Indiegogo. KeeperRL is inspired by other great dungeon creation games such as Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress but through his own graphical style. Think of Dungeon Keeper but blended through a roguelike world. Especially as that world is procedurally generated and can be explored and conquered. You play as an evil wizard seeking the ultimate knowledge of destruction, but will you find what you seek? Or will the minions let you down? As it's only a $5,000 Goal, I think this might be on to a winner. - Don't forget to give the free Alpha a try!

Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth - Hot News : Alpha Centauri sequel? Announced! Now with a trailer!

Probably the biggest news of the week has just hit the Indie Retro News HQ as Sid Meier is back with a new Alpha Centauri (1999), one of the greatest sci-fi turn based strategy games I've ever played. Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth as it's titled, will not be a simple remake of Alpha Centauri but rather a "what would happen after Civilization V" (according to the devs). There will also be 3 types of planets from lush vegetation to airy decaying worlds. You will start with an Outpost and your only goal will be to survive! Are you alone on this world? Will you build cities upon the lush or decaying landscape? Will this be as good as the original? Who knows, but I'm sure many of us will be waiting for even more news on Beyond Earth!
Release date : Late 2014 Systems : PC, Mac, Linux - UPDATE : On further investigation, it seems as if this isn't a direct sequel, but the concept will be very similar, a representation of Civilization, but in space. UPDATE 2:  New Trailer!

Guild of Dungeoneering - A turn-based reverse rogue-like that lets you control the dungeon (Steam Greenlight)

Recruit adventurers to explore dungeons for the glory of your Guild. Build the dungeon room by room, fill it with monsters, traps and treasure .. and hope your dungeoneers have what it takes to return victorious! A dungeon exploration game where you don't get to control your adventurer directly. Instead you lay out the dungeon one room at a time, placing treasure and monsters to carefully guide your dungeoneer to victory.. unless he's got other ideas! - Developer Quote
Dev : Gambrinous Release Date : Mid 2014 (Free Alpha Demo available) Systems : PC,Mac,Linux

Heroes in the Fast Lane - A tribute to the PC classic Jones in the Fast Lane that needs your Steam Greenlight votes!

Game Type : Turn Based - Strategy
Developer :  Inconspicuous Creations
Game Quote : Heroes in the Fast Lane is a unique turn-based medieval fantasy life simulation time management strategy board game. It is a tribute to the PC classic Jones in the Fast Lane, but abandons the modern setting in favor of a magnificent fantasy world of swords, magic and adventure. Plan your every move, spend your time wisely, and grow your character from a lowly peasant nobody to eventually become the chosen hero of the kingdom who marries the princess in the end!
Systems : PC, Mac
Release : Q3 2014

Dark Quest - Hero Quest Inspired Turn Based Strategy RPG, needs your Steam Greenlight votes!

A long time ago in the days of the Amiga, a game called Hero Quest was released, which itself was a conversion of the great table top game. It was one of the best Isometric Amiga games of it's time, although it did have a number of system ports, even the Spectrum! Fast forward to now and we have DarkQuest, from Brain Seal Entertainment which is inspired by Hero Quest. You can even hear the slight variation music sound track in DarkQuest from the original title. This is a turn based fantasy rpg where you assume the role of a muscle bound barbarian on his quest to destroy the evil sorcerer.  The graphics are of high quality and i'm sure many Hero gamers will get that nostalgia vibe.

Dungeon Heroes - Spikey takes us back to the classic Dungeon Crawler RPG

Game Genre : Dungeon Crawler RPG
Developer : Spiky
Game Info : Dungeon Heroes is an RPG in the classic dungeon crawler style, a game that will appeal to many a retro and classic dungeon crawler fan. Although it is currently in development, a free version is available for you to try which features the first level of the dungeon and introduces the story to the main game. The developer has given us the choice of 9 characters to choose from, spell creation, tricky puzzles and intense boss fights, more especially for the final version.
Release : Alpha, Free
Systems : PC

Interplanetary - Wage wars from home planets (Steam Greenlight)

Game Type : Sci-Fi, Turn Based, Strategy
Developer : Team Jolly Roger
Game Info Quote : Interplanetary is a hard scifi turn-based strategy artillery game, where players wage wars by developing their home planets and firing their interplanetary barrages through the planetary system. Our goal is to have all the classic features a devoted strategy fan wants, but also introduce something fresh to the mix.
Release : 2014
Systems : PC, Mac, Linux

Heroes of a Broken Land - Turn based RPG with a classic Dungeon Crawler interface (+Demo)

Game Type : Turn Based RPG, Dungeon Crawler
Developer : Winged Pixel
Game Info Quote : Heroes of a Broken Land is a classic turn-based RPG, with first person dungeon crawling with a large world to explore, plus town management. Recruit multiple teams of heroes, and explore countless dungeons in the search for fame and fortune. Each game is procedurally generated and unique for countless possible adventures.
Release : Beta (£6.99)
Systems : PC, Mac, Linux

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption - From the creators of the hit classic Quest for Glory teases a trailer and demo!

Game Type : Adventure, Turn Based RPG
Kickstarter Success : $409,150 pledged of a $400,000 goal
Developer, Project By : Lori & Corey Cole
Game Info Quote : Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is a classic 2D role-playing adventure by award-winning game designers Corey and Lori Cole (Quest for Glory, Castle of Dr. Brain, etc.). Hero-U combines the rich character relationships, story and puzzles of a classic adventure game with the exploration and excitement of a role-playing game
Update : Although the final release was due by now, it looks as if we will have to wait a little longer. But not to worry as the developers have not only released a teaser trailer, they've also released a demo to keep you occupied while you wait.
Release : TBA
Systems : PC

Paper Sorcerer - A unique single player turn based RPG (Steam Greenlight+Demo)

Game Type : Adventure, Turn Based RPG
Kickstarter Success$13,151 pledged of a $5,000 goal
Developer, Project By : UltraRunAwayGames
Game Info Quote : Paper Sorcerer is a stylish single player turn based RPG focused on strategy, party-building, and environmental puzzles. Fight with the skills and spells you've learned in a battle system that emphasizes strategy over grinding. Assemble a party of monsters and dark creatures to fight alongside you. Explore and solve environmental puzzles to unlock secret paths and find extra loot! A double-sided adventure, an RPG with adventure game elements.
Release : Now $5 (Steam Greenlight TBA)
Systems : PC, Mac, Linux

Gridlock Tactics - Grid based tactical RPG from Parabole (Kickstarter)

Game Type : Grid Based, Tactical RPG, Multiplayer
Kickstarter Goal : $50,000
Developer : Parabole
Game Info : Gridlock Tactics is a grid and turn-based multiplayer tactical RPG that features several unique factions in a biopunk universe. Inspired by PlayStation era tactical games such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea and Front Mission. It also add moderns elements that can be found in more recent titles such as XCOM and Shadowrun Returns.
Release : Dec 2014
Systems : PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android