Pilot Attack - Stay in flight and don't crash into the ZX 48k landscape

A new ZX Spectrum game to play for the beginning of the week and this one is by Misfit, published by The Future Was 8 Bit and is called ' Pilot Attack '. Released for the 48k and as a horizontally scrolling shooter, you must guide your tiny little plane through Thrust like landscapes, while also avoiding or shooting at enemies that come at you from a number of different directions.

Pilot Attack isn't the grandest of games we've seen for the speccy, but for what it lacks in graphical amazement it can be picked up and played with enjoyment by people of any age, even your gran! All you have to do is guide your plane through the tight corridor landscapes while also blasting anything that comes your way. Just be aware however, you'll need to keep in flight in a flappy bird style of way, or your plane will either hit an enemy causing shield damage, or you'll crash into the landscape in a mighty explosion.

Thankfully when it comes to Pilot Attack the game isn't very difficult, at least I didn't find it so. Your weapon shots can bounce off the sides, and if you fall into the ground or go to high, it wont kill you. Of course that's if you don't hit any of the brightly coloured landscapes, because no amount of shields will help.

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