DeltaStar Earth Defence - Wicked retro blaster available for the ZX Spectrum Next

Arcade Shooters we just love 'em! From Galaga to 1942, to Xenon and even Swiv. But there's one Shooter that caught our eye this month, and that's the latest release of ' DeltaStar Earth Defence ' for the ZX Spectrum Next. Available for the price of $5.99, this game puts you in control of the mighty Project DeltStar on a mission to destroy wave after wave of enemies that have arrived to wipe out mankind.

DeltaStar Earth Defence is a game not to be missed, as it features top notch blasting action, waves of insect like aliens and even bosses, awesome power ups, space themed stages, vibrant pixel graphics and even addictive gameplay that feels right at home on the ZX Spectrum Next!

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