Aliens NeoPlasma - A great Aliens themed ZX Spectrum game is coming to the C64

It wasn't long ago now that we had the pleasure of playing the awesome game 'Aliens NeoPlasma ' on the Spectrum which was developed by Sanchez crew (Russian Federation); a horror platformer as their own take on the Aliens movie theme complete with friendly face-huggers. Well fast forward to this month however and as a great heads up by Silvio Savarino of Hokuto Force, we've been told this great game is coming to the C64 but instead developed by Eric Majikeyric.

Although we already know what sort of game this will be, a great action platformer with plenty of Aliens to be taken out or avoided. According to the creator who is currently finishing up the last bits of development with a video teased above, the game will require a C64 accelerator (Ultimate64, Turbo Chameleon 64, SuperCPU) as it makes extensive use of the hires bitmap mode.... And that's all we know so far, so watch this space...

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