Savage Princess - A new ZX Spectrum game from Monsters Legs Productions

While a lot of you have been drooling over the fact that a brand new Dizzy game had just been released by The Oliver Twins, there's another game you might be interested in playing as a commercial release, is Monsters Legs Productions high quality ZX Spectrum game of ' Savage Princess '; A game in which you play as Princess Ava and must escape from a deadly dungeon and take revenge upon the kidnappers who put you there in the first place!

Available as a lovely packaged tape just like the gold ol' days or via digital download which is included in the price via Bitmap Soft, the creator has said you must explore the castle, solve puzzles, and kill your enemies in this new game for the ZX Spectrum! Brought to you by the creator of “In the Walls of Eryx” and “The Wicker Woman”, this game is sure to warm your retrogaming cockles!

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