Ambermoon - Open source fixer upper of a fantastic CRPG gets a new Amiga build

Today's news is yet another good 'un for fans of this great Dungeon Crawling/CRPG. As thanks to Pyrdacor letting us know once more through the EAB forums. He has said that if you head on over to the github website, you can try out the latest Amiga 1.10 English and 1.09 German update of the classic game of Ambermoon; an open source version of that classic game which aims to bring this awesome Amiga RPG to many other platforms with fixes and improvements.

While you can still view our previous article(link) in relation to this game being released as an open source remake on other systems such as Linux, Mac and Windows with development by Pyrdacor, and Metallic, Hexaae, Maynef who have been diagnosing and fixing bugs. This latest 1.10 update further improves the game with better performance in 3D areas, lots of bug fixes, text improvements and much much more of which you can view below in the changelog.


  • - English Hard Drive Install version 1.10 available (ADF SOON)
  • - German version 1.09 Available
  • - Temple of gala door can not be skipped via broom or eagle anymore.
  • - Crypt door can not be skipped via broom or eagle anymore.
  • - Lebab's tower door can not be skipped via broom or eagle anymore.
  • Moreover you can't skip the gargoyle fight at the door by fleeing.
  • - Fixed double text-popup in Burnville when you look at the healer's sign.
  • - Fixed chest opening when you got hit by the spikes in the palace of S'Endar.
  • - The blacksmith in Newlake has now the correct name and repair cost.
  • - Fixed ship dealer in Spannenberg. Ships will now correctly be spawned.
  • - Spawn location of Gryban was again wrong. Now it is really fixed!
  • - When you try to bring the broom or magical disc to Morag it will
  • be burned. This was done when you first entered the Morag hangar but
  • not when you come back later. This is now fixed.
  • - When you come back to the S'Angrila prison after S'Riel has died you
  • will now also see his bones and not only a popup on an empty floor.
  • - When you try really hard to smuggle the broom or magical disc onto
  • Morag you will experience a surprise. Make sure to save beforehand!
  • - You can no longer pass Lebab's tower with the broom.
  • - Fixed a display bug in the S'Angrila prison.
  • - You will no longer get stucked inside the wall in Nera's cellar.
  • - You will no longer get stucked inside the wall in the mines of Dor Kiredon.
  • - Fixed disease attribute crippling.
  • - Fixed SP stealer amount.
  • - Fixed merchant issue with more than 32767 gold.

Links :1) Discussion 2) GitHub (Scroll down for Linux/Mac/Windows Standalone) 3) Amiga Full Version 4) Website

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