Galaga - An Arcade classic as an early C64 preview 3.1 by Arlasoft

We've featured Galaga on Indie Retro News a number of times already, from the Atari 2600 port to the excellent demake on the Amiga by Pink and Fade One. Fast forward to today however and after already featuring a number of previews prior to this one, Arlasoft has released a third and final preview for the upcoming C64 version of 'Galaga'; A rather excellent Arcade conversion of the 1981 classic published by Namco Japan and by Midway in North America.

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As we said before : Galaga was developed and published by Namco Japan and by Midway in North America in 1981 as the sequel to the 1979 game Galaxian. The game puts you in control of a mighty spaceship that must destroy waves of enemy formations that are out to destroy or capture you. As for the preview version released by Arlasoft, he has done a very detailed write up on his main site, but the developer is still asking for feedback on how it feels compared to the arcade, how much interest there is, and any bugs you come across.

Change list

  • Handle recapture of ship by crashing into boss
  • Remaining music & sfx added
  • Larger gaps between dive attacks
  • Boss carrying ship can also take convoy enemies
  • End game if last ship is captured
  • Wait until bombs/enemies off screen when killed during entrance wave
  • Hi-score table
  • Hi-score saving to disk
  • Slow down gameplay speed and music/sfx on NTSC
  • Fixed softlock via occasional miscounting of remaining enemies
  • More simultaneous dive attackers allowed in later stages
  • Transform enemies appear from Stage 4 onwards, hit all three for a bonus
  • Challenging stages 4 & 5 added
  • Show all score popups (i.e. 400, 800, 1500)
  • Special transform and challenging stage enemies added
  • Improved butterfly dive attack
  • Orphaned ship (boss killed in formation) dives  out of screen
  • Orphaned ship flies in at end of last wave of next normal stage
  • Smoother flying motions in general
  • Prevent bombs from occasionally wrapping round to top of screen

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