Super Delivery Boy - The Holiday Shift - NeesoGames upcoming Amiga platformer gets an Amiga Christmas spin-off!

A late evening heads up from us at Indie Retro News, as if you've been following all the news updates regarding NeesoGames upcoming Amiga platformer of Super Delivery Boy, then we've just been contacted by both Per Ola and Saberman, than in celebration of the upcoming Christmas festivities, NeesoGames has released Super Delivery Boy - The Holiday Shift; a fast paced festive minigame, spin-off of Super Delivery Boy, a platform game in development for the Amiga (OCS-ECS)! 

Yes indeed Christmas is fast approaching and what better way to experience the Christmas season than playing a new game for the Commodore Amiga. A game in which not only do you play as Super Delivery Boy helping Santa delivery as many presents as possible so he doesn't get fired, but you must be careful as the kids have their own preference about what to receive and the path to reach them is full of weird creatures! So good luck, pick up all the Christmas goodies and try not to deliver the wrong presents to the wrong kids!

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