OneLoad64 Games Collection v3 Now Released - 1500 unique games to play via Magic Desk CRT format

We've just received another great update in our inbox, especially for C64 gamers across the globe. As if you're looking for lots of great C64 games to play with instant loading and added support of loading screens, then you really should check out StatMat's OneLoad64 Games Collection v3;  An incredible collection featuring 1500 unique games that are all in Magic Desk CRT format, such as Arnie, Arkanoid, Army Moves, Batman, Bruce-Lee, Commando and many other fabulous games!

Here is what StatMat has to say about his brand new OneLoad64 Games Collection v3 for the C64!

Added support for loading music and raster bars to the Magic Desk CRTs which are combined with loading screens for a simulated tape loading experience (these can be skipped with any key or either fire button just like the plain loading screen images). This means that games with loading music such as the classic Ocean loaders can now be enjoyed with the CRT files. The MagicDeskBINs folder now contains two subfolders, one which contains plain 64kb files, along with another which contains larger files where games have added extras like loading screens or music. 

This allows more flexibility when choosing which EPROM size to use when writing the games to a physical cartridge. Games using joystick port 1 for primary control are now denoted by having the (J1) suffix in their filename. This not only acts as a visual cue to the user, but is also automatically used by emulators such as LR-VICE to swap joystick ports ( All screenshots have now been replaced with new images at 384x272 to ensure the borders are included. Many thanks to the volunteers who helped to perform this task (CentralPerk, CommFor, cringle, docbobo, nls, nc513, oldschooljoe, Remzi and ricky006). 

The crunched PRGs no longer have the "-[ex]" suffix in their filename, as these were rather redundant and made the process of maintaining the collection a little harder than it needed to be (i.e. when renaming files in conjunction with the new primary control suffix above). Added the use of $D030 to switch to 2Mhz mode on the C128 and the MiSTer C64 core to speed up the decrunch of the crunched PRGs (has no effect on a real C64).

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