Revenge of Trasmoz - This upcoming Amstrad game via Volcanobytes looks super cool!

In 2020 Volcanobytes, Defecto Digital, Beyker, ThePope and BitFans, with cover/box art by Dani Diez, released the fabulous ZX Spectrum game of The Curse of Trasmoz; an Arcade game in which you played as a brave hero, on a quest to break an evil curse throughout multiple areas of more than 20 challenging yet well designed levels! Well fast forward to today and thanks to Volcanobytes who contacted us on Twitter, we have been told they are now working on the Amstrad version of 'Revenge of Trasmoz'.

Yes indeed if you loved playing The Curse of Trasmoz on the ZX Spectrum you might like this news story. As not only is Revenge of Trasmoz inspired by the original design of "The Curse of Trasmoz", but it's being developed using CPC Mode 0 by cperezgrin and VolcanoBytes, music by BeykerSoft, and is yet another Arcade game but this time for up to two players! So yes we are certainly looking forward to this game, and more so as it's for my personal favorite system the Amstrad CPC!

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