Dread - WIP Doom clone on the Amiga 500 & Atari ST gets new music/intro and it's super cool!

We've been featuring the upcoming Doom clone of 'Dread' for some time now, as with every new update the Amiga 500 and Atari ST version just keeps on improving with noted changes as fabulous new textures. Well if you're looking for more gaming news on this upcoming game, then we have recently been contacted by John via Facebook, that he has told us the in-development project by KK/Altair has just been teased with an early look at the intro and a piece of Amiga music by John of PixelGlass!

New music and intro

In relation to this news story, here is what Tsak says about the video above via the EAB forums....  "Here's something special, for a long time we've been talking in the team about music for the Amiga version and what style and direction we should go with. Given the fact KK has plans to eventually make his own custom format (which will include wavetable synthesis, as well as normal sample support) we've been pushing this discussion further down the line.

Early gameplay footage without music

"However the Amiga version has remained silent for too long and while the talk and speculation in the community about this issue is frequent, I thought it would be nice to do some testing and explore a few possible tunes. Not long after, I had in my hands a brand new track I was pleased with, but it felt it belongs to some intro or main menu (rather than in-game), so I decided to double down and also do some additional audio/visual testing, pairing the track with a possible intro."

"The first video showcases that experiment. Note that the track is a legit Amiga mod. There's still a slight possibility we get mod support eventually and if not then it will have to be remade in the new format (if we stick with it). As for the visual part, it's currently a mockup (i.e. not running on Amiga) however the effects showcased are stuff we can do (so the whole deal remains plausible). Enjoy :D"

So there you have it, Dread is looking better than ever and we can't wait till it get's an eventual release!

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