TRAX - A seriously cool looking Chaos Engine inspiration for the Atari XL/XE gets new footage!

The original Chaos Engine was an incredible game released in 1993, and developed by the very famous Bitmap Brothers. It was a well known title that at its core, was for the Amiga in which one or two players battled against the evil creations of the titular Chaos Engine. But today's news is pretty special for fans of the game and for those of you who own an Atari XL/XE, as new footage has been shown for TRAX: A seriously cool looking Chaos Inspiration by Shanti77 which has been entered into the ABBUC competition 2022.

While we have featured the game many times before even when it was first announced as early alpha footage, the developer has noted regarding latest developments. It features different enemies to defeat, items to pick up, keys to collect, petrified machines that need to be unlocked, decent sound effects, new levels to play through, and all of this developed with an engine that can display up to 8 software sprites in 25 fps. So yes certainly one that all Atari XL/XE owners should keep an eye out for when it gets an eventual public release outside of the ABBUC competition 2022.

Links :1) Competition



  2. Jest nowsza wersja. Poprawiona grafika dla 1 levelu. Gra jeszcze bardziej upodobniła się do Chaos Engine.


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