Balloon Buster - An addictive Balloon popping game for the MSX by Hakogame

This week we've been swamped with news, and as I'm now overwhelmed and need a writers break, I thought it would be best to give a final shout out for this addictive yet simplistic little game called 'Balloon Buster' by Hakogame. What makes this game different from all the other ones we've featured this week, as in this game not only do you need to bounce around the game screen to reach the exit, but for the exit to open you need to pop a set amount of Balloons with a limited amount of shots.

Here is MSXdev'22's description of the game "If you need a break from blowing up alien spaceships or slashing and hacking up mythical monsters with a sword or battle axe, then why not vent our frustrations on balloons for a change? Well, Hakogame’s Balloon Buster delivers! The goal of the game Balloon Buster is to pop the required number of balloons in each stage and make your way to the exit before you run out of turns. Control mr. Smiley in any direction with your cursor keys and fire at will. It’s a nice variation on the classic Puzzle Bobble-type of games. Bust or die, and pop or bust!".

Links :1) Website 2) Play Online

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