Scorch - A Scorched Earth clone gets a New Year release for the Atari XL/XE

This game might not look like much, with its bare backgrounds and tiny coloured objects, but this is actually a new Atari XL/XE release that comes across very much like Scorched Tanks on the Amiga and the MS-DOS game Scorched Earth. Developed by Pirx with help by Pecusx and Miker, Scorch isn't just a multiplayer game with up to 6 players, but your ultimate goal is to wipe out your opponent by working out the correct trajectory that your Baby Missile flies through the air and hits dead on target!

Scorched Earth is one of many games in the genre of "turn-based artillery games". Such games are among the earliest computer games, with versions existing for mainframes with only teletype output. Scorched Earth, with a plethora of weapon types and power-ups, is considered the modern archetype of its format. Also all weapons are shown with tracers which allow the player to more accurately adjust the trajectory on their next turn!

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  1. Turn off all the damned scripts.

  2. I remember this game in college's computer science lab. :)


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