Flying Shark - WIP Flying Shark remake for the Commodore Amiga gets a 4th level tease

Another Commodore Amiga news story for all you awesome Amiga owners, as we've recently found out through Facebook, that the previously announced game of Flying Shark; which is an upcoming Amiga remake of the 1987 Arcade game of the same name. Has recently been teased with a new look at the 4th level; a work in progress level which is being remade by Magnus T together with JMD. Although the creator does state "Designing the attack wave, not 100% finished some adjustments need to be done".

As we said before, originally many people felt the Amiga version that was released in 1988 by firebird was not only a bad conversion of a great Arcade game, but many people also felt that it had repetitive gameplay, the port was lazy, and the Amiga could have handled the arcade gfx with no problems. So here we are with this new remake of the game, and while we are unsure of how far development will progress, already we can see the game looks better than ever in this new work in progress footage. 


  1. They should really make more improvements to the Atari ST artwork

    1. Agreed. While the engine may be an improvement, the game still looks like something a nine year old kid designed. Also: RTG screen modes, AHI sound support and online leaderboards using bsdsocket.library.

  2. My favorite arcade!

  3. Being an owner of the original arcade game, and having played all the home computer conversions in the past, I will definitely applaud the work that has been done on this version so far. It is an improvement over the original Amiga one for sure. But compared to for instance the ZX Spectrum version, this one is still far off from the feel and look of the original arcade. Would love to see how it would work out with new graphics.

  4. I actually watched on as a friend of some the original developers a few times back in the day, while this game was being developed/ported for AtariST and then to Amiga. The reason it is was it was, is because back then everything had to been done quickly and on a tight budget across both target hardware platforms. Often much of the more exotic hardware features in the Amiga were left untouched because the code was written first for AtariST and then ported directly to Amiga (OCS). Personally I commend the efforts of the team/code that put this new version together as it's much nicer. However, if you put them through the same roasting oven development conditions of 30+ years ago now, I seriously doubt he/they could deliver the same goods now on both AtariST/Amiga all at the same time in such a tight time schedule and budget.
    Times were indeed hard back then when we woz lads :)
    Great job tho and nice conversion IMHO. Props to the Coder.


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