Another Street Fighter project makes an appearance using the Scorpion Engine for the Amiga 500!

The Scorpion Engine is the go to development tool for the Amiga, as not only can you create some pretty decent looking games, but unlike other software creation tools such as BackBone they don't run at a snails pace on anything but a power house of an Amiga. Thankfully one such creator shows what could be possible, is msmalik681's previewed Street Fighter; a game which originally appeared on the Arcades, and was then ported to pretty much every system you could think of, including such systems as the Amiga (poorly), Atari St and even the ZX Spectrum.

Preview of all stages now there is some music thanks to IM76

To be honest I don't see msmalik681 turning this into a full game any time soon, however we do have some information about the game, from a post back in 2022 . "So I really hated the conversion of Street Fighter on the Amiga. I think the original could have been much better even the C64 version had the special moves. I can not emphasize enough how bad the original was on the Amiga just play it and see. I am attempting to remake Street Fighter 1 for the a500 with 512kb of ram. I wanted to target the 1mb model but I am trying to better the original release for Amiga and that game runs on a 512kb Amiga that might be why it is so bad. I have no experience with Amiga coding so this could take a while".

And that's all we have about Street Fighter by msmalik681 and IM76, but if you wish to try a very early preview, you can do so below :)

Links :1) Source 2) Download.


  1. Simply incredible! even by now graphics are better than the arcade version and the gameplay seems soo smooth! Take your time and give us a great rendition of the arcade,please! P.S. don't be afraid to use the 512kb expansion...if those are the results with only half a meg i can't imagine with a full mega onboard!!

  2. Another beautiful conversion, perhaps graphically of the one for Megadrive currently under development...W the Amiga, never ceases to amaze.

  3. I actually like this version more than the sequel. There's something about it.


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