Turrican - A hit platformer gets another tease for the MSX1 by TheGeps with music by Bitcaffe!

A rather famous game for this heads up article is none other than Turrican. A game which has had countless mentions on IRN throughout the years on multiple systems, has now appeared as another update work in progress video by TheGeps for the MSX1. Turrican was originally released in 1990 by Rainbow Arts and programmed by Manfred Trenz with an incredible soundtrack by Chris Huelsbeck. The game featured great shooting action, powerful weaponry and amazing game play that is still loved to this day.

Here is what the creator says about this rather cool looking Turrican for the MSX1. "I present the new work in progress of my Turrican! I only added a few things, but I assure you that it was not trivial to do so. First of all the level music has been updated and I have to say that Bitcaffe (aka Gabriel Caffarena) did a really good job. It even has a new main sprite by @TonimanGalvez! As for my efforts, however, I've added collectable gems and scoreboard panel, and now the player can couch. Fixed some bugs". And that's all we have on the game so far, but as soon as we know more will of cause let you all know :)


  1. Really hoping this project is finished someday!... and maybe some enhanced MSX2/2+ version in the future.

  2. Very nice scrolling, better than Speccy, also good background and sprite colouring. The audio chip on the MSX1 is the same as on the ZX Spectrum, and let's face it, the AY chip can definitely do it better.


    1. the audio chip is the same as on atari-st as well - and no, please... overbleeping (arp effect abusing) is very annoying (as from that youtube example you shared - good ay examples you can find from japanese games (msx, sharp-x1, arcade, etc..), not that overbleeped crap...)

    2. Agreerd, AY can do much better

    3. ZX Spectrum and Atari ST have almost the same audio chip /Atari ST has it a little more flexible/. However, I think the Atari ST can use CPU interupts to change the sound envelopes, so it can achieve more interesting audio.


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