Castlevania AGA - Upcoming Castlevania for the Commodore Amiga gets new footage!

We've certainly mentioned our fare share of Castlevania inspired games over the years, especially the most impressive Castlevania Spectral Interlude by Sanchez on the ZX Spectrum and the more recent GothicVania. But today news is super special and well worth a news story, as thanks to another heads up by Earok, we've been shown some brand new footage of the upcoming Castlevania demo of 'Castlevania AGA'; An in development AGA Amiga version which is in the works by Dante Retro Dev using the excellent Scorpion Engine.

Here's what the website says about Castlevania AGA for the Commodore Amiga "A remake of the 1987 original but with visuals inspired by Castlevania Chronicles and other non-8 bit titles in the series.  The  goal was to provide a playable and pure version of the original Castlevania but with an Amiga flavor. Not a port of the Sharp X68000 or PlayStation "Castlevania Chronicles" game, it only happens to use many level tiles and sprites from that game because it's a practical rendition of how OG Castlevania would look in 16-bit or 32-bit". 

Dev Notes : Castlevania AGA (Amiga 1200), showing some of the secrets and hidden items such as bags, food and crowns revealed when some tiles are hit, for example. Big part of what makes Castlevania so appealing.

Links :1) Website 2) Facebook/Scorpion Engine


  1. Quality wise, looks AMAZING on the Amiga.

    1. The atmospherics (lightning, etc) really set the mood in this one. Looking forward to a new demo.

  2. wow. imagine if we had gotten this back in the day on amiga instead of that horrilbe port lol

  3. This looks brilliant! Somehow I hope they will also do the MSX version 'Vampire Killer'; I actually preferred than one to CastleVania on NES

  4. Looks great, but pick up sounds are terrible


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