Turrican - A classic game gets another tease for the MSX1 by TheGeps!

If you've been following all our previous articles in regards to the upcoming unofficial MSX 1 version of Turrican; A game which was originally released in 1990 by Rainbow Arts and programmed by Manfred Trenz with an incredible soundtrack by Chris Huelsbeck. Then as of today, not only can you play a new build of the game, which never had a release on the MSX, but the creator has also teased a new video showing the work in progress enemies and a top quality soundtrack by Bitcaffe!

Here is what the creator says about this rather cool looking Turrican for the MSX1. "I present the new work in progress of my Turrican! First of all the level music has been updated and I have to say that Bitcaffe (aka Gabriel Caffarena) did a really good job. A new main sprite by @TonimanGalvez! And finally its the enemies turn to make their appearance! Although it wasn't trivial to add them in a so huge map. Currently the code locate them in the map and display them. There are some small bugs too, but I haven't still implemented an objects' slot system"

Links :1) Play Online!


  1. Unfortunately, for me, it runs very sluggish in the browser emu. I'll try it again when it's a download in the future. Looks promising.

    1. runs fine for me on a crappy PC running latest firefox if that's any help.

    2. Yeah, tried a different browser and it works fine. It ran at about half speed on the latest Firefox for me. Checked some settings, but alas the problem still persisted. So trying it out on a Chrome based browser did the trick.

  2. There just can´t be enough Turrican! Looks great!!!

  3. Nice conversion for the MSX, or to be more precise, for the MSX1. Would be interesting, to see a MSX2 version, that really uses the power of the MSX2. Then i think, it could look and play at least as good, as the great Amiga "Turrican" versions.


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