Holiday - An Amiga OCS/ECS Photo RPG released by Lifeschool22 via the AmiGameJam2022

Something different for today on Indie Retro News, as looking through the EAB forums for something interesting to write up, and we were contacted by Lifeschool22, about the latest game that they created for the Commodore Amiga called 'Holiday'. A game in which the creator says your task is to survive the next 11 days in a climate of heat, humidity and the air smelling sweet like ripe bananas at a Spanish resort. To coincide with this news, Saberman had done a video of the game some time back but will be used for this news heads up.

While a more in-depth description can be found via the website below, this is what the creator says about Holiday for the Amiga OCS/ECS. "Recently I posted two threads, one on Lemon and the other on EAB, asking for help with making a game. And the reply was Cando, Can Do it!  At first the interface put me off, but after a lot of head scratching to get through the initial brick wall, I found it came to me eventually. It was strange to have to remind myself of If Then Else, and Loops and Variables from my College days. I even have a While loop in there!, to delay the rooms. The whole thing took just over a month to create. One issue was I didn't send the code from the side bar buttons to a sub-routine, and instead did the code routines per page. Big mistake! I had to go through each page to make small changes!"


  • Any Amiga with 1MB chip ram and at least 6MB of other ram.
  • Kickstart 3.0 or better (untested on other roms).
  • An Emulator capable of reading Amiga .HDF files.
  • Optional: A way to copy the files onto a real Amiga.
  • Optional: Assign CanDo: to the destination location.

Links :1) Website  


  1. Thanks for publishing news of my game. The latest release features two radio stations in the game; 80's Classics FM and Smooth Vibes FM, and you can change them to your own mods if you prefer, by replacing the files in the music and music2 folders. With the music switched off, I also added sound effects for hickup and burp. The image you can see of the game above is a pirate ship, although it isn't very clear. The images are 64 colours in 320 x 240 mode. Hint: Dont put the warm jacket on until the night time.

    1. Hello. I'm very eager to try your game. However I do have a problem: The text gets cut of at the right side: "Welcome to your Hol" in the first screen etc. Is there a specific WinUAE setting I have to use? Than you.

    2. Nicely done Lifeschool. Something different for a change for sure.

  2. Is this Lifeschool Dan from the LemonTube Amiga? I'll have to download and play this :) Well done making your first game, must be a kick to see your own game working on a system you love! I hope to make something one day too. Great work and I look forward to testing. Thanks for putting this out there!

  3. Ah, the existential dread of everyday life. I like this. At least we have boozing as option :P

  4. Love Benidorm guy!

  5. Terrormolinos - the Sequel? ;)


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