Kielbasa Empire - A high quality C64 game from Ordered Chaos Design is in development!

The news just keeps on coming, as just moments ago we were informed by our good friend and Youtubber Saberman, that Ordered Chaos Design has teased a new C64 game via their itch io called 'Kielbasa Empire'; A rather cool looking game which isn't just about farming and feeding your piggies, but fighting off attackers that are out to do you harm. To coincide with this late hour news story, Saberman has also done a playthrough showing different parts to this rather eye opening game from Ordered Chaos Design.

While I haven't had the chance to play the game (I'm just so tired), here is what the itch io page says via the link below. "Kielbasa Empire is a C64 game, in development since about September 2021. It is supposed to be about farming crops, feeding pigs and turning them into sausage. What it will be about, time will tell. Game is written in C, thanks to Oscar64 by Dr. Mortal Wombat aka Blumba".

Credits : 

  • Blumba - Oscar64 and tons of help with various code aspects
  • Sepa - game code, map GFX, fonts
  • Juras - Gfx
  • Crisps - Msx
  • Koval - tools, game code
  • Mr.MElvin - Gfx
  • Logan - special effects code
Links :1) Source 


  1. Interesting! It looks intricate but also varied with different game styles throughout. - very promising !

  2. Considering subject it looks quite complex :) Wish them all the best!

  3. Page has been quarantined from due to potential suspicious behavior. Another link to the CRT would be helpful :(

  4. You can still download the .CRT file from their itch page, just click the line that says "I understand the risks, let me download anyway". I've downloaded it, scanned it through virus total and it is completely clean (you can try this yourself online), it is legit too as it starts up in VICE.
    I suspect it was only flagged because it is a .CRT extension which isn't very common on itch, so they are just being extra cautious.

    1. Yeah I noticed that later as well. Never mind

  5. Interesting game with some cool ideas like at night with the flashlight. I don't know about the music it has some weird parts like the one that only seems to fit in a Last Ninja type of game.

  6. The music and the gfx are nice.


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