RogueCraft - An awesome looking Amiga roguelike from Badger Punch Games gets a demo update

A late hour news story for you all and one I think that is well worth a mention, as we've recently been informed by Badger Punch Games, who were behind the amazing Commodore 64 roguelike of 'Rogue64'. That they have released an updated demo for the upcoming Commodore Amiga game of 'RogueCraft'. An Amiga version of Rogue64 which features much higher quality detail, gameplay and sound all set within a Lovecraft-inspired theme.

Here is what the website says in regards to this new update. " We have updated Roguecraft, removed quite a few bugs, and added some (secret) things. 😉 We have fixed issue with the game turning real-time when you tap the fire-button.  We have added an instructions screen, and an (currently empty) Achievements screen. The spikes now work in the game. Be careful! The player now moves smoothly when there are not monsters in the room, to make backtracking less tedious."

"We have also fixed some graphical glitches, and random memory writes that would corrupt the music. Hopefully this is good now, or at least a lot better! There are other changes you will just have to find out yourselves. Have fun finding them! 😎 We also want to say THANK YOU for all the awesome feedback and suggestions from all of you playing our game. It is so lovely so see the community embracing this hobby project, and want to help us make this a great game! 💗"

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  1. This looks absolutely lovely.

  2. Not only looks great but sounds great also.

  3. Looks great, but the tile by tile movement isn't so much for me, unfortunately.

  4. Looks Greate. Amazing Music. The last update did not improve the movement.


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