Krogharr - Inviyya creator's latest Commodore Amiga game looks great in this new footage

Right from the word go, we were one of the first gaming websites to give you the heads up about TIGERSKUNK's amazing Shoot 'em up of Inviyya; a game with amazing scrolling graphics, super action, great sound effects, and a real hark back to days of R-Type or Project-X. Well time has passed since its release, as this week the same developer has now announced a new video update to his fighting game that is coming to the Amiga called 'Krogharr'; a new OCS fighting game which was teased some time ago with just a few screenshots.

Here is what the Facebook page says about the game. "Here we go as promised with a first look on Krogharr for the OCS Amigas (A500 etc) and upwards.I show off the game starting up to the first mid boss and a bit on. Game runs on a smooth 50fps and uses only 512k/512k with vanilla machine speed. No accelerator needed. Please forgive a few of the glitches that are still seen, this is heavy WIP at the moment. Music and SFX are muted in this little presentation, since I will work on this later on in one big batch. Please switch on the "1080p60fps" quality option in your Youtube viewer, so you can see how smooth this runs. Game will be released late in November. Cheers, wish you a nice weekend, guys.,"

Lets just hope this one doesn't become a paywall demo exclusive, as I can't wait to play it!


  1. Hey IRN, thanks for posting this here. :)
    The demo I will release around Amiga38 in October will be on my page free of charge. No paywall.

    1. Excellent stuff. Looking forward to November

    2. Aminet too please.

  2. Love the bouncing heads haha

  3. Great Great !!!
    Marvelous *Real* Barbarian action adventure !!! With blood and gore !!!!!
    Release ?????! Thanks and good work !!

  4. It's look like a Doman - Amiga game from Poland in 1995 with better graphic but less gory and blood.

  5. Looks good. Color palette is a little odd, but well-animated, and looks fun


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