Robot Jet Action - A new game as an early proof of concept shown for the Commodore Amiga

Another piece of gaming news has appeared, as thanks to both Saberman and Per Ola Eriksson letting us know through Facebook, that Retro Navigator has shown some early proof of concept footage of the Commodore Amiga game of 'Robot Jet Action'. A game that was not only released for the Commodore 64 back in 2022, but it featured lots of challenging levels, different themed worlds and so much more which made it very entertaining. While we don't know when the game will be released, make sure to check out the footage provided below.

While the original also featured C64 hi-res graphics in the rarely used ECM graphics mode and dedicated music composed by one of the best contemporary composers operating on the C64 scene, here's what was said about this proof of concept. "Super early development stage, final game title or release date yet to be decided, 5 years old code resurrected and adapted in 2023 working on any Amiga in 50fps, and finally developed in Blitz Basic 2/M68k Assembly with 100+ colours on screen". And that's all we have on the game so far, make sure to keep an eye on developments here or on the website.


  1. This looks awesome! Good to see developers improving the graphics for an Amiga game.

  2. the awesome, underrated Blitz Basic. Wish I had learnt it properly back then... I was too young


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