Ami-H.E.R.O - An Amiga game inspired by Activision's 8bit game H.E.R.O

Ask anyone about H.E.R.O, and I'm sure many would share their memories about this great game. A game which was released way back in the 1980's for the Atari 800/2600, 7800, ColecoVision, C64, C128 and ZX Spectrum! Well if you do remember it and would like to play it on your Amiga, make sure to check out Paweł TUKINEM Tukatsch and Marcin EIGHTBM Białobrzewski latest game of ' Ami-H.E.R.O '. An Amiga game which is inspired by that Activision 8bit classic.

In this game which is inspired by the all time classic game called H.E.R.O. You play as ' Roderrick Hero ' and must search the cave system for the miners of Mount Leone, who have been trapped deep below after a recent volcanic situation that has occurred. The game features multiple levels, different themed underground areas, dangerous enemies such as spiders, and bombs to blow up walls to reach the miners trapped below.

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  1. Basta che non sia la spudorata copia dell' originale....!!!
    Dico questo prima di provarlo !!
    E' cosi' bello quando fanno NUOVI ed eccitanti livelli, stages, waves...dei titoli originali insomma una sorta di Data Disks !!

  2. Cool music, but the graphics....
    Is this made in Amos?

  3. I would say the game has still some bugs. HERO disappears here.

  4. Great looking game, well done! The true allure of H.E.R.O. Was the quick pace. Roderick could run and take out a spider or bat, they were at the line of the laser. I saw here that Roderick had to jump up and down a few times to hit the bat which slows gameplay way down. The movement of the crawlers is a bit jerky. Maybe these things are intentional, but if you want to make a true H.E.R.O. clone, these things count.

  5. ah you can see in the dark - wasn't that part of the challenge, that you could NOT see in the dark? sometimes i truly wonder whether those people who port/clone games even understand the original...


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