Party Speedway Extended - A high speed tiny pixel sprite C64 racing game is teased

I'm a huge top down racing fan, from games such as Micro Machines to Supercars and Indy Heat on the Amiga. Well here's another top down racing game you might like to try that was recently teased on the Commodore 64, it's 'Party Speedway Extended' via K&A plus; An upcoming enhanced version of a tiny sprite racing game that originally came 1st place at the WiLD Demo Competition at Teddy Beer C=64 Party way back in 2022. To coincide with this news, Saberman has done a new video showing the current build of the game which will be feature complete this April 2024.

Here's the latest from the website. "A fast-paced speedway racing game for up to 4 human players inspired by a similar PC game from late ninethees. The additional two players are controlled with a Protovision CGA 4-player extension. The current version features a single racing mode and only one track, but the extended edition with more tracks and modes is planned to be released with the #22 issue of our magazine".

Changes from version 1.0 released back in 2022 as:

  • - 4 more maps added. In addition to Gliwice, Poland, the following have been added: Brighton, UK; Seattle, US; Dublin, IE; Drammen, NO,
  • - Each map differs in shape, driving difficulty, driving speed and turning angle.
  • - New computer opponents in 4 quality levels: VIC, C64, C128, Amiga where each one is different in its ability to drive a track. 
  • - Relatively high randomness of the AI players: in most cases the Amiga will drive faster and crash less than e.g. the C64, but in individual cases the opposite may be true and e.g. the C64 may get a faster start and finish faster than the Amiga.
  • - New gameplay modes: on top of a single ride, 4- and 8-rounds games, there is now a Time Trial (all 5 maps for one player / 4 laps) and Tournament (all 5 maps, 4 races on each map for 4 players. Any number of laps.)
  • - Time trial will save the results to floppy and load them when the game is restarted.
  • - Added runtime sprite shape modification feature - the sprites have been given "tails" like in the game Tron. This improves the visibility of the sprites.
  • - Support for all 4 players from the keyboard (there is still the option to use a 4 joystick expander)
  • - A few other additions, e.g. the sprites have their markings at the start (so you know who is who), a pixelated image by Katon in the middle before and after races, etc.

  • Planned release of the game: April 2024.
  • The digital version of the game will come free of charge as a cover disc for the 25th issue of Komoda & Amiga+ magazine.
  • The game will not be made available as a free digital file - a digital or physical version of the magazine must be purchased.
  • An optional disk and/or cartridge version will be available for purchase
  • A limited collector's edition (100 copies) is planned as a box with instructions and extras.
  • All collector's editions will be signed by all three game authors, with the possibility of a personal dedication.
  •  In K&A+ #25 there will be a description of the game creation process as a Game Dev Story.

Links :1) Party Speedway 

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