Galagish - A Galaga clone is in the works for the Atari XL/XE and Atari 5200

We've featured Galaga on Indie Retro News a number of times already, there was the Atari 2600 port, the excellent demake on the Amiga by Pink and Fade One and then the more recent C64 release by Arlasoft. Well fast forward to today however and there's another Galaga game to come which I think you'll equally enjoy, and it's Galagish on the Atari XL/XE and 5200: An upcoming Arcade conversion by Gimmee99 that some have said is already better-looking than the C64 version, with better color, very fluid (NTSC), and very convincing audio (arcade-like) on game-start !

Galaga was developed and published by Namco Japan and by Midway in North America in 1981 as the sequel to the 1979 game Galaxian. The game puts you in control of a mighty spaceship that must destroy waves of enemy formations that are out to destroy or capture you. As for this preview, rest assured that if you have an Atari XL/XE or an Atari 5200, you'll love this upcoming conversion even if it is still a work in progress build.

Links :1) Source 2) Download (New experimental build)


  1. Would be great if the homebrew community could pull together and finish this one up. More Galaga is always a good thing. I always felt it didn't receive anywhere near as much love as Galaxian did in terms of home ports.

  2. subpixel movement ..flying phase of sprites.

  3. Mamma mia, mah ragazzi siete schifosamente bravissimi !!!!!
    Vi adoro, e' stupendo !! Thanks

  4. excellent visuals and the sounds are even better!

    1. Hey JOTD! Thank you for all the amazing Arcade goodness over the years


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