The Lost Pixel - A PC platformer from 2022 is coming to the Commodore Amiga va Amiga Factory (+Demo)

Imagine if you could play a character throughout the history of gaming, instead of loading up Emulator after Emulator, that character could be played through all the historic levels, as if it were those good old days. Well you sort of can with this latest game from Amiga Factory! Welcome to The Lost Pixel; an addictive platformer that's in the works, which in itself is a port of a PC game which was originally released in 2022 by bitmagine Studios. Do note the original developer has given full permission as such all the graphics and sprites have been converted by Amiga Factory from 16 million colours to 64.

Here's the latest from the creator. "Pix is a happy pixel part of a trending AMIGA video game. Until one day there is a blackout and comes out of the screen. Upon returning (not effortless) to his beloved monitor, he realizes that something has changed. Although the power has returned, the Internet is still not working and the screen is full of ugly pixels. It seems that he has returned to the past! Turn On your AMIGA and visit games from more than three decades ago and collect all the colored points of each of their levels to be able to return home".

Main Features:

  • Redpill Amiga AGA Game
  • 64 Colorful Pixel-Art graphics
  • 4 color Background Sprites
  • Wonderful music based on the original songs
  • 2 characters: Pix Cube and Pix Slime
  • Secrets to be found in each level
  • Funny enemies
  • Only 1Mb needed

Links :1) Demo 2) PC Version - Thanks Per-Ola Eriksson for the heads up!


  1. Nice! Smething in the lines of

  2. Thanks for the post !!! I suppose the game will come out before the end of the year. Its development has entered the last phase and it has already been sent to beta testers to find those bugs that only they can find. Greetings to all!!!


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