Caren and the Tangled Tentacles v1 - An incredible C64 adventure release!

We have been following this for many months now and thus today we are pleased to announce the release of the incredible looking C64 adventure 'Caren and the Tangled Tentacles ' compo version 1.0. First appearing as snippets of trailers and then the playable preview at gamescom developed by a team of people such as Martin Wendt, Oliver Lindau and Kamil Wolnikowski, has now appeared on CSDb just in time for the German Forum64 competition.

So far from we've played as we still have many other games to get through, we are amazed by what was achieved in the limited time available for yesterdays competition deadline. The game harks back to the days of the Lucasart adventures, but with such ease of control I was surprised how well I could play the game with a joystick. Simply moving around the cursor, or holding down the fire button then moving in the relevant direction selects options such as look or pick up.

But that isn't what impressed us the most, as the level of detail in the game from the inventory, to the interiors, building exteriors, tree's and even the characters themselves are just gorgeous to look at! Add that all in with great sound effects, in game music, a storyline and full English/German selection by pressing F3 and this is a real winner in my book.  The developer has even noted further plans for the game, so it could be even better! But the only thing letting the game down so far in our short play through, was the odd mistake in translation, such as " Then main door of my boss " should be " The main door of my boss ".

You'll also be pleased to know this game is completely free and all it requires from you is a download, the use of an emulator or a real C64 with attached joystick. If you have any issues or bugs which I'm sure there will be some due to the strict deadline, is to contact Oliver Lindau

Credits :

Released by  ... PriorArt
Code .... enthusi of Onslaught, PriorArt, RGCD
Music .... Jammer of Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, PriorArt, Samar Productions
Graphics .... Veto of Oxyron, PriorArt
Loader .... Krill of Plush


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