Oyup! A Good Puyo Puyo clone released today for the C64

Oyup! Is a falling blocks puzzle game designed for 1 or 2 players, and is a clone of the hugely successful Japanese SEGA arcade game Puyo Puyo, which was released in the west as Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine in 1993 for Megadrive, Master System and in 1994 on the Game Gear.  Developer Nick Sherman will release the game on his “Arlasoft” itch.io page today - and will probably be available to download as you read this.  He has also entered the game into Winter Games Development Competition 2020 - A game compo hosted by  Retro Games LTD for C64 and VIC20.

Your objective is keep clearing your falling “beans” for points and defeat your opponent by causing his beans to reach the top of the screen.  You do this by destroying 4 or more of the same coloured beans in horizontal or vertical lines, causing beans above to fall.  This allows for combo moves which give you bonus points and also throw “garbage” rocks over to your opponent.  You and your opponent must prevent your beans from reaching the top of the screen at which point they will lose.  Once enough points are gained through beating opponents, you advance a level in the game tower - and you beat the game if you defeat the opponents at the top of the tower by reaching the target score.  

Features include:

  • Scenario mode with 48 unique AI opponents
  • Four difficulty levels 
  • Two-player versus mode with handicaps available to balance the odds
  • Practice mode
  • Colour-blind friendly mode
  • Multiple high-score tables complete with saving to disk
  • Soundtrack by Mike Richmond
  • Plus a special surprise to unlock if you can beat Scenario Mode!

The game took Nick 1 month to develop, and after testing the game to completion of the scenario mode - I can safely say it plays very well even compared to the megadrive.  Nick is also hoping to release an extended version of the game on physical formats, and is currently looking for a publisher.

Oyup! (Arlasoft 2020) Is out now, and can be downloaded from the links below.


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