A charming platformer coming to an Amiga near you from DomKid!

Earok's Scorpion Engine is certainly going to be the go to for game developers on the Amiga, as we've already had a number of teasers throughout the year so far, such as the Street Fighter 2 tech demo, the upcoming Owl game by czorny and even Creeping Me Out Hex Night. It certainly puts Backbone and Redpill to shame that's for sure! Well now there's another game that's worth keeping an eye on and again using the Scorpion Engine, is DomKid's Amiga platformer; a game which has been teased as the first test with the Scorpion engine, and the pixel art of Nauris Amatnieks!

Sadly we don't know a lot about this game, but from what we can see in the video above or linked here, you play as a girl who has to traverse through dangerous landscapes, while defending herself with the use of a bird that protects her from harm. The game features charming graphics, a lovely soundtrack, smooth scrolling and multiple parallax layers.

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