Mutant Mushrooms - This Robotron style shooter looks great on the ZX Spectrum

Bit of a late hour news story from us at Indie Retro News, as thanks to Saberman contacting us through Facebook, he has told us that The Death Squad, has made available the rather cool looking Robotron style shooter for the ZX Spectrum called 'Mutant Mushrooms'. A game in which he came across, when he opened an old ZX Spectrum folder looking for some games after the delivery of the ZX Spectrum Next. Although he does state "There's a few more unfinished games in that folder I'll endeavor to finish and release at some point".

And here's the latest from the website. "ZX Spectrum game. 128 Music by Yerzmyey, GFX and code by Sludge. A Robotron type shooter. Shoot all the mushrooms to progress, collect gems to increase firepower. Creatures are immune to your pellets so don't let them corner you". And that's all from me, as it's time for my much needed sleep!

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  1. Yerzmyey makes awesome soundtracks for the speccy. NGL this looks amazing too.


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