CyberPunks 2 as an official Amiga announcement by Mutation Software

Mutation Software has done rather well over the years, selling a number of copies and digital downloads of their latest game Wiz - Quest for the Magic Lantern; a previously released game that features lovely music, well designed levels, deadly enemies, charming fantasy detail and smooth parallax scrolling. Well fast forward to now and not only can you still purchase the Mutation Gold Compilation, which features updated and remastered versions of Doodlebug, Cyberpunks, Tin Toy, Tommy Gun and Castle Kingdoms for the Amiga CD32. But that same team of Mutation Software has also officially announced with a new promo trailer of their upcoming game CyberPunks 2 (AGA/CD32).

Cyberpunks was a top down shooter game for the Amiga developed by Mutation and published by Core Design way back in 1993. This new game however, which we were informed about through our good friend Tony, is not only the sequel to CyberPunks, but it also features up to 3 player fun, new levels, new gameplay, a cool intro, and more kick ass action you'll hopefully experience in Q4 2023. 

Links :1) Website 2) Mutation Gold Compilation and more!

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