Galaforce 3 is heading to a BBC Micro near you!

Galaforce 1986

Don't worry BBC Micro owners we haven't forgotten about you, as just moments ago thanks to one of our friends contacting us via email, we've been told Kevin Edwards is bringing his much loved Galaga inspired shooter of ' Galaforce 2 ' to the BBC Micro as the third in the series with the announced ' Galaforce 3'. According to the creator Galaforce 2 is now 30 years old and in celebration of that fact, he is going to be updating the game with a few changes such as even more bullets!

Galaforce and Galaforce 2 were two great games on the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron and this latest version looks just as fun if not more hectic than any of the previous versions that have come before. As ever you'll be blasting many waves of enemies with different formations, but this time it's going to be a lot more challenging!

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