Mr Owl - A family friendly Amiga game looks better than ever in this new video tease

I've only just woken up but this news was too cool not to be passed on by, as we've recently been informed via Earok, that the upcoming Owl game, which is being developed by czorny, has just got a great work in progress video update. This game which has been mentioned by us many times before, is a fun for all the family Amiga title, which doesn't just feature charming detail of lush woodlands and bonus levels, but different enemy types, collectable items, and much much more that's sure to come!

FloB - A great looking game from Bocianu and team is coming to your Atari XL/XE (64KB)

To our amazement within the last few hours thanks to a heads up via Saberman, we have just found out some very special news for any Atari XL/XE owner. As we were recently informed that as from July 10th at the LOST Party, you'll be able to play the awesome looking game 'FloB'; An Arcade Adventure game developed over the last 9 months, which promises 6 large, hand-drawn maps to visit, each of which consists of over 20 rooms differing in mood, puzzles and level of difficulty.

Briley Witch Chronicles - Eagerly awaited C64 RPG from Sarah Jane Avory gets new footage

As many of you know by now, the ex-SEGA game developer and author: Sarah Jane Avory is working on a fabulous RPG for the C64 called ' Briley Witch Chronicles ', which by all accounts isn't just a good looking game, but will have lots of interesting features that is sure to whet your appetite. Well after a recent heads up through our email, we've just been informed that Briley Witch Chronicles has yet again been teased with even more work in progress footage.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX - Alex Kidd in Miracle World remake is finally here! (PC,Xbox One,Switch,PS4)

In 1987 Sega released the great side-scrolling platform game ' Alex Kidd ' for the Sega Master System console. Although it was first released in Japan in 1986 but internationally in 1987, it was one of the most well known games as it was also built into most Master System II's. As such it came as no surprise to us, that when we mentioned it way back in 2018 way before IGN and other sites that this was game was being remade by Merge Games and Jankenteam, it set our twitter feed alight with excited retro gaming retweets across the globe.

Akane - A new speccy platformer from Hicks 2021

Possibly the last news post for today as we've still got a lot to get through this week, is Hicks 2021's brand new ZX Spectrum platformer of Akane. This game available for both 48k and 128k spectrums, puts you in the shoes of a Ninja. A Ninja on a quest to not only find and rescue Riuken, but also to survive the deadly Anthrax which has contaminated Sindara's kingdom with its deadly poison that will also kill you without an antidote.

Stop The Express - A new(ish) train stopping game released for your Plus/4

In 1983 Hudson Soft released 'Stop The Express'; a rather enjoyable game that was also available for the C64 and MSX as well as rated as the 4th best Spectrum game by Your Sinclair in their list of the top 100 Spectrum games. Fast forward to today however, and this classic game has finally made an appearance on the Plus/4 by Legion Of Doom. A new conversion of the game containing completely re-balanced levels, additional train designs, a new title screen (thanks to Chronos!) and title music.

Henry's House - The first of many 8bit to Amiga games via 8bit2amiga gets a release

The Amiga gets another mention for Monday, as trawling through the Amiga Facebook group, Marecheck has announced that Henry's House has been converted over to the Amiga as the first release prior to other upcoming 8bit to 16bit conversions by 8bit2amiga. For those of you who haven't heard of the game before, Henry's House is an eight level platform game which was originally released on the C64 and then ported to Atari 8-bit machines.

Amigo The Fox - Another charming Amiga platformer in the works, and this one is from Earok!

Another great Amiga news announcement for you all during this weekend of retro gaming, as we've  recently been contacted by Saberman through Facebook, that Earok has just released a brand new alpha update to his Commodore Amiga platformer called ' Amigo The Fox '. Yes indeed what started off as a Mario DOS port project, is now a platformer in which you play as a lovable fox, collecting diamonds, while also bouncing on enemies and jumping into blocks collecting power ups.