S.A.K - Check out this cool Green Beret Homage for the MSX2

Green Beret(Rush n Attack) was an action arcade game released by Konami in 1985. It is remembered for its Cold War setting and its reliance on the player using a knife or even a flame thrower to dispatch enemies. Well if you liked this game at the Arcades or any of the 8bit versions we've featured previously, then it might be worth checking out this game that's just been sent to us called 'S.A.K'. As in the words of @vidaextraretro "compressed versions for disk of the worthy homage to Green Beret by Konami, Stan the Dreamer and others for the MSX2."

Yie Ar Kung Fu Turbo - A new remaster for the Amstrad CPC plus and GX4000

Original Graphics

Those of you looking for some fresh weekly news for the Amstrad CPC Plus and GX 4000 have come to the right place, as XeNoMoRPH has just informed us of a brand new remaster that is coming to the GX4000 and CPC Plus later today called 'Yie Ar Kung Fu Turbo'. Now if you remember the 1980's game of Yie Ar Kung-Fu, which was released in the Arcades and later the MSX, Famicom/NES, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, BBC Micro and Acorn Electron. Then you'll be pleased to know that this is a brand new remaster of the Amstrad version featuring much higher detail for the GX/Plus range.

DECODER - A new cartridge music game album by Remute for the Sega Genesis

Something slightly different from our usual write ups, as thanks to Remute who contacted us just recently, he has told us of a new album you should check out for your Sega Megadrive/Genesis called DECODER. As in the words of Remute "After releasing music albums as game cartridges for the Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo and Gameboy consoles, Remute is kicking off 2023 with an ambitious, longtime dream project: A Sega Genesis adaption of the German counter-cultural cyberpunk cult movie Decoder"

Castlevania is coming to the Sega Master System and here's some cool footage!

Castlevania has been featured many times on Indie Retro News, from Castlevania Spectral Interlude and Vampire Slayer Demo on the ZX Spectrum, to Castlevania VBXE on the Atari XL/XE(VBXE). But here's another update you might like to know about if you love this classic game. As we have been told that Xfixium, who is also behind the Golden Axe Tyris Edition, is working on bringing Castlevania over to the Sega Master System! In light of this news, we have some footage of the game and further info from Xfixium and Louis The Sega Nerd who is doing the audio.

Caim - The latest action-adventure C64 game to be released by Haplo!

Once again there's another Commodore 64 game that's well worth a mention, as thanks to Tom and Saberman letting us know through our Indie Retro News Facebook group earlier today, we've been told that Haplo has released the Commodore 64 game of 'Caim'; a top-down action-adventure title that's available to download below. In light of this news, Saberman has also done a video showing the game in action!

Boxx - Lemming880's platformer gets a BIG WIP Amiga Scorpion remake update

As an Amiga owner and a fan of homebrew releases I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable Lemming880's platformer ' Boxx 2 ' and ' Boxx 3 ' was on the Amiga system, especially with added bright and bold colourful detail by Koyot1222. Both of these games were developed using backbone and required you the player to collect as many coins as possible, while avoiding deadly traps, killing bad bosses and aiming to reach the exit to complete the level.. So why are we mentioning these games again? Well check out the latest update below and you'll find out why :).

Super Bomberman 2 Remix - A remake of the NES game is coming to your ZX Spectrum 128k!

When I was growing up there was a game I used to love playing with friends, whereby your task was to drop bombs and either blow up other enemies or your very best friend(s) in a maze like game screen. That game was Bomberman (Dynablaster), a game which was actually first released way back in 1983 by Hudson Soft and then published by Konami. It was and still is a fantastic game that can still be played to this day on many different systems and as different versions/sequels. In fact the reason we are mentioning the game today is at some point soon you'll be able to play Super Bomberman 2 Remix: A remake of the NES game that is coming to your ZX Spectrum 128k very soon!

Crater Crawler - A rather nice version of Moon Patrol released for the ZX Spectrum NEXT

As we said before : In 1982-1987, Irem with licensing by Williams released the fantastically enjoyable game of' ' Moon Patrol ' for the Arcade gaming community. A side-scrolling shooter that is widely credited for the introduction of parallax scrolling in side-scrolling video games, as you drove a buggy across a landscape, jumping over ditches and rocks while also shooting at enemies both above and in front made this such a great game to play.

Agonman - A new Amiga AGA game developed using the RedPill game engine

Another Amiga announcement for you all, as Saberman has just informed us through Facebook, that a new game play video has been shown for the previously announced Amiga game of 'Agonman' by PixorraGames. A game which puts you in the boots of Johnny, that has to battle dangerous monsters and a winged demon to return to his own time and the defence of the Earth. In light of this news, you can either view the video below or check out the game which is downloadable as a name your own price.

AmiMineSweeper - A new MineSweeper preview for the Commodore Amiga by tukinem

I know many of you have probably heard of MineSweeper; a puzzle game in which players had to clear the board of numbers without coming across deadly exploding bombs, using help from clues about the number of neighbouring mines in each field. But you probably haven't heard of AmiMineSweeper, which is the latest Amiga game to be developed by Tukinem! Well if you haven't, you'll be pleased to know this a new Amiga game previewed recently, and is a nice variation of the well known PC classic.

Castle Shadowgate - A port of the Adventure Horror game 'Shadow Gate' for the C64

Gamers and retro gamers alike you are in for a serious treat today! As Shadowgate, which is an incredible adventure classic originally from 1987 by ICOM Simulations and released for the Amiga, Apple II, Atari ST, DOS, Macintosh and NES, is now available to play on the Commodore 64 by Donnie Russell. As in the words of the creator "an official version was never released (or developed?) for the Commodore 64. This is a new port of the game, heavily based on the popular Nintendo Entertainment System version".

Shadow Hunter - A new Amstrad CPC action platformer as a nod to Ghostbusters by Mananuk

Another Amstrad game has appeared in our inbox, as XeNoMoRPH was kind enough to let us know through our emails, that if you're looking for a fun for all the family Arcade game for your Amstrad CPC, then it's worth checking out Mananuk's new game of ' Shadow Hunter '; A charming Action Platformer in which you need to capture all the ghosts with your beam gun and them force them into the Ghost Trap. In light of this news, XeNoMoRPH and Saberman have both done a video showing what the game looks like below.

Micro Profanation - A highly challenging 8bit platformer has been micro'd for the ZX Spectrum

Prepare yourselves to be challenged to the point of frustration, as one of the "most difficult games of Spanish Software History" has just been converted into a micro version for the ZX Spectrum by IvanBasic, it's 'Micro Profanation' aka Abu Simbel Profanation. The third in the Johnny Jones Saga which was originally released in 1985 for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and MSX. The game was developed by Victor Ruiz and released by Dinamic Software in Spain (and Gremlin Graphics throughout the rest of Europe).

It Returned To The Desert - A nod to an all time classic is coming to a PC(Windows) system near you, 15th Feb!

Back in 1989 Cinemaware released one of the greatest action-adventure games ever made. It had a strong Hollywood B movie vibe as you tried to prove that giant ants were real and convince the mayor to call upon the national guard to fight. Featuring a mix of adventuring, arcade and shooter game play and developed for a multitude of systems such as the Amiga, many gamers are still playing right now. But the news of today is and no this isn't from Cinemaware, is that we've just be informed via TimRachor, that he is working on an It Came From the Desert inspiration called 'It Returned To The Desert'.

The Last Ninja - Is System 3's classic game coming to the Atari XL/XE? Here's a Demo tease!

Way back in 1987, System 3 released one of the greatest action adventure games ever to be made available for the C64. It was none other than 'The Last Ninja', which also saw a number of ports released for the Apple IIGS, MS-DOS, BBC Micro, Acorn Electron ,Apple II, Amiga, Atari ST and ZX Spectrum (as Last Ninja Remix). But what glorious news today as we've been informed by Saberman, that the legendary game of The Last Ninja is coming to the Atari XL/XE, with a demo build available to try out below!