Rygar AGA - Tecmo's Arcade game as an upcoming Amiga port looks better than ever

Last year we told the retro community that Tecmo's 1986 Arcade game of ' Rygar the Legendary Warrior ', was unofficially coming to the Amiga after having been released for systems such as the C64, ZX Spectrum, NES, and yes even the Master System. Well fast forward to today and Mcgeezer has just teased a brand new work in progress video, which shows not just how far development has come, but also the developer discusses the latest bug fixes in his upcoming Amiga port of Rygar.

Courier of the Crypts - Illuminating Dungeon Crawler gets a Steam launch

We've just been contacted by Emberheartgames that they have recently announced the release of their Illuminating dungeon crawler of ' Courier of the Crypts ', which is available to buy on Steam for the PC. In this pixelated adventure, you play as a courier on a mission to finish a delivery through dark and dangerous crypts with only a magic torch to light your way! Illuminate the path ahead, defend yourself from darkness, and solve dangerous puzzles throughout the crypt!

HOT NEWS : Michael Parent joins PixelGlass, New Amiga game hinted!

Another day and another hot news announcement! As we have just been told in our inbox from Pixelglass and the team behind Worthy (i.e. John Tsakiris and Alex Brown ), that a super awesome and talented professional pixel artist named as Michael Parent of Bit Beam Cannon, has joined the team to create awesome Amiga games. As noted by the EAB post, Michael has been active in the scene for many years now, however recently stepping up his activities doing such things as live streams and game making, he is also currently involved in various fantastic, new Amiga game projects, which is shown in his new Youtube channel below.

Could the Laser Disc version of Dragon's Lair be coming to the C64 or is this really JUST FOR FUN?

Now I remember Dragon's Lair very well, from the Amstrad version with the jumping of platforms or trying to stay on the spinning disk without being blown off, or the interactive animated version which appeared as a laserdisc in which you needed to press a specific direction at the right time to survive. Both were simply brilliant games, but what has surprised me today is Antonio Savona has shown the possibility of Dragons Lair Laserdisc working on the C64 albeit in Black and White.

Panzer - Strategy game released by Sputnik World for the C64

Moving away from the platformers and shoot em ups, we now look towards Sputnik World for our C64 goodness. As unlike those genres, this one is a strategy game set in World War 2 called 'Panzer'. This game released just recently, pits your tanks against other tanks as you move around the map area to take control of a multitude of enemy bases to complete the mission.

Eight Dragons - Fighting homage to games such as Target Renegade now on Steam

Today just gets better and better, as we've recently found out that Extend Mode's fighting homage of ' Eight Dragons ', is now available to buy on Steam through Early Access! This game of which we have mentioned last year thanks to a great write up by @GamesInBits, is a new entry to Steam that's classed as an old-school side-scrolling fighting game that takes the classic beat-'em-up action from the eighties and pushes the gameplay and story to a whole new level!

Lumberjack Platform - Tree chopping Amiga game is now a charming platformer!

Some time back we mentioned Megastyle & Protovision's C64 homebrew game of ' Lumberjack ', which put you in the mighty boots of a Lumberjack, chopping down trees as fast as he can, without being bashed by the big branches above. It was a highly addictive game on the C64 that was later ported over to the Amiga as a fantastic enhanced version thanks to Cobe and Lemming880. So why are we mentioning this awesome game again? Well as of today you can play Lumberjack Platform; a new Amiga platformer based around that very enjoyable title, with design by Lemming880, graphics by Koyot1222, support by Cobe and music by Tommy/Android.

Mashed Turtles - A surprisingly enjoyable Frogger inspired C64 game

It's time to put aside the controversial Super Mario C64 news, which is *ahem* still available throughout the globe just not on one particular site ;). As we have come across a rather enjoyable Frogger inspired game called 'Mashed Turtles', which has been released for the C64. This game originally developed by Fandal+PG for the Atari 8bit, is a multiplayer port by Angelsoft, with spirtes by Dorndof that supports up to 8 players of turtle squashing fun.

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas - Family friendly Kirby inspired platformer, coming soon!

Trawling through many of the games found on the Steam coming soon list, there was every chance of finding a damn fine game that not only looked charming but had a high enjoyment factor that anyone in the family could pick up and play. Thankfully one such game called ' Whipseey and the Lost Atlas' fit both of those categories. As not only could it be described as a cute Kirby platformer, but the focus in this game is to traverse through many beautifully created levels while fighting cute and cuddly enemies!

Planet Cloudius IX - 90's inspired Commander Keen game gets a release!

I'm sure many of you remember that awesome game that is ' Commander Keen '; a game released by id Software and publishers Apogee software in the 90's for MS-DOS as a fun platformer using EGA as a pioneer for graphics at the time! But did you know Roobar released his Commander Keen inspired game called ' Planet Cloudius IX ' for modern platforms? You didn't? Well there's good news, because this game is available and looks well worth playing even as an inspiration!

Splat! - A ZX Spectrum game reviewed by Florinthedwarf.

Argh! A spider! Nah, it's our hero Zippy! (No, not that one.)
SPLAT! Now that I've got your attention, let's talk about this game. Maze games can be a little repetitive, left, right, right, right, left, left etc. pick something up, get stuck, turnaround, right, left - you get the picture. But what if I told you that this was a maze game with a difference? 'You lie!' you cry; but alas this time, I'm not. What if there was a maze game where the walls moved around as well as you. 'That would be crazy!' you would say. Well, welcome to Crazyland*.

Excalibur: Sword of Kings - Text based adventure game remade and ready to be played online!

Throughout the last few years we've featured a number of text based adventures, games such as The Pawn Remastered, The Marlo Files Remastered Edition, and Goblin Towers to name but a few. But there's another game that might be worth a look on this lovely Tuesday afternoon, and that's Adventuron's online remake of a text based game called ' Excalibur: Sword of Kings '.