Chuckie Egg - A classic eggy game gets a PC Remake by Langford Productions.

It's incredible to think that Chuckie Egg was a game released years ago in 1983 as a game that not only appeared on the BBC Micro, but a whole string of other systems such as the Amstrad CPC, Amiga, C64 and even the ZX Spectrum. Well fast forward to today and Langford Productions who was behind the wicked retro inspired Shooter Project ZX, and the remakes of classic games such as Jumping Jack, The Hunch or even Psst, has announced the release of a modernised version of Chuckie Egg as a special gift to you all before Christmas.

Atari ST version of Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon gets an Amiga port by Meynaf

C64 box art

Throughout 2018 Indie Retro News and our good friends Amiga Bill, Saberman and even Per Ola, has been at the forefront for Amiga news announcing games such Coco Banana, Powerglove Reloaded, Tiger Claw and even The Zing to name but a few. But this time we've got another special announcement, as thanks to both DamienD and Saberman, they have told us Meynaf has released the Amiga port of the Atari ST version of Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon.

Monkeys & Dragons - Retro Adventure inspired by video game classics like Monkey Island!

I've always been an Adventure gamer on both my Amiga and PC, and have such fond memories of games such as The Secret of Monkey Island, Simon the Sorcerer, Fable, Kings Quest and even the Quest for Glory series. So to hear that a new Adventure game inspired by those classics with a fabulous fantasy twist was made available as early access on Steam called ' Monkeys and Dragons ' by Benjamin Rommel Games, I just had to sit up and take notice.

Book of Demons - Unique paper hack n slash dungeon crawler is out now

During the early part of 2016 we gave you the big heads up for Thing Trunks hack n slash RPG dungeon crawler ' Book of Demons ', which was due to be released towards the end of 2016. Well fast forward to today and after a slew of big awards for this deck-building hack and slash adventure, the developers have finally announced the game is out of early access and available to buy on Steam and GOG for both PC and MAC.

Tales of Greta - Arcade inspired game is free to play

If the Gameboy inspired game was not to your liking, then how about playing this Arcade styled platformer called 'Tales of Greta' by Styrbj√∂rn Andersson, which is completely free to play (Donations Welcome). Now unlike the previous game we mentioned, according to the developer Tales of Greta is designed to resemble some of the first arcade and home console games that became the first stepping stones to us as gamers. So basically expect lots of arcade fun blended with CRT filters.

Indiana Boy Steam Edition - Retro inspired platformer in a Game Boy style

As a fan of the Gameboy and all those games that are inspired by that great hand held, I was pleased to see that the developer Fabio Fortino had released his retro inspired platformer game of ' Indiana Boy Steam Edition', which looks very much like a Gameboy game and is available for the PC. In this game you play as Indiana Boy on a quest to recover all the treasures and keys throughout the level, but be careful as not only will you have to deal with enemies but deadly traps as well.

AGDXmas Community Jam - Snowed Under

When it comes to announcing something from Allan Turvey, it's usually a new game that's just been announced such as the case with Rally X Remix, Roust or even Terrapins. But this time he's decided to do something different, as in relation to the upcoming festive period, he is putting the word out for everyone in the ZX Spectrum community to step forward and help build a new 8-bit video game called Snowed Under!

From Beyond - Prologue - Horror adventure, inspired by games such as Shadowgate now on Steam

If you were a huge fans of games such as Deju Vu, Uninvited or even my personal favourite Shadowgate, then you'll be pleased to know the developer SuckerFree Games has released their MACVenture style game ' From Beyond-Prologue ', which as from the end of last month was made available to purchase through Steam. This adventure game announced through our Game Dev : RetroGaming Facebook group, puts you in control of professor Crawford Tillinghast on an expedition into the mountains of Europe on a search for a lost village shrouded in myths and rumours.

Open Fodder - Open sourced Cannon Fodder reaches version 1.5.0 with Cannon Fodder 2 support

From 1993 to 1994 Sensible Software and published by Virgin Interactive released two of the best top down war based shooters I have ever played in my life (War has never been so much fun).  It was none other than Cannon Fodder and it's sequel Cannon Fodder 2: An action-strategy shooter series first released for the Amiga and then later ported to other systems such as the PC.Well if you remember these fabulous games you'll be happy to know Robert Crossfield has announced the open source port of ' Open Fodder ' has reached version 1.5.0 with support for both Cannon Fodder and Cannon Fodder 2.

O-EYES - ZX Spectrum port of the 1982 arcade game EYES

A new game has appeared for the ZX Spectrum, as thanks to a heads up by our good friend ZX Dev, they have told us oblo's game of 'O-EYES' has been released. This game is a ZX Spectrum port of the 1982 Arcade game ' EYES ', which was originally developed by Digitrex Techstar (Rock-ola) as a Pac-Man style game except with a goal to shoot all the dots rather than eat them to move on to the next maze.