Redpill Puzzle - Move the Diamonds in Lemming880's Amiga game

Another Amiga news story to set the evening and no not a hardware post, as we've been told by a good friend of ours that Lemming880 has released an updated version of his puzzle game ' RedPill Puzzle ' for the Amiga. This game developed using RedPill, is a Diamond moving puzzle game in which you need to move the coloured Diamonds around a maze into the grey coloured squares to win the level.

Raging Orlando - Work in progress C64 game by Warlock Entertainment gets a cool update!

Thankyou everyone for reading my story post, but now it's time to get back to the best side of IRN, which is writing about retro games! First up in this weekly jaunt, is a brand new game coming up from Warlock Entertainment ' Raging Orlando ''; a high quality C64 game that is still at a work in progress state, looks to feature not just great graphics, but great animation and superb gameplay. To coincide with the news, the developers have released a new video!

My Story - Autism, bullying and the love of retro gaming!

I've been meaning to do this now for a very very long time, but have always felt doing something like this might bore many of you and even turn some of you away. But considering how many years Indie Retro News has been going, and how many great friends I've made along the way now is the time I feel to tell a small part of my story. A story that wont be pages and pages in length, but will be just enough for you to understand doing all of this wasn't an easy road.

KTRL CD32 - Third party gamepad for the Amiga / Amiga CD32 goes wireless

In the early part of this year we mentioned MickGyver's third party Amiga CD32 controller the 'ProCon KTRL CD32' was coming as a replacement to the original controller with a SNES style design at a much much lower price to that of the "Amiga CD32 Competition Pro Joypad Controller “Honey Bee” ". Fast forward beyond that however with sales complete, the designer is looking to take the KTRL CD32 to the next stage with wireless, but does state it is still at a work in progress stage.

Kipper2K pre-orders for Cherry MX keyboards for the A500, A600 and A1200

It was only just last week we announced much to the delight of the retro community across the internet, that Kipper2K was going to be launching Cherry MX keyboards for the Amiga A500, A600 and A1200, as a modern keyboard setup that replaced an old unreliable keyboard, with a much more reliable, responsive keyboard which can be easily fixed and parts are abundant. Well you'll be pleased to know as of today you can now pre-order these keyboards with a full set of keycaps!

Chibi Akumas! ZX Spectrum Review & Amstrad Plus Longplay

Back in 2016, a comic-horror bullet-hell shooter by the name of Chibi Akumas made it's way onto the Amstrad CPC to great aplomb. It's author Keith Sear didn't stop there however, and continued his love affair with the bloodthirsty titular Chibiko and released a sequel the following year, introducing her zombie brother Bochan. Now, in 2018 we get to see the game tweeked, polished and released on yet more classic systems; the ZX Spectrum, the MSX2/Turbo R and the Enterprise 128.

Alien 8 - Ultimate Play the Game classic is coming to the C64!

Possibly the best news of the day unless something even better gets announced, as we have recently come across a post from a good friend, that the Ultimate Play The Game classic ' Alien 8 ', will be coming to the C64 as from next year 2019! This port is being worked on by EMU with loading screen by STE, and was originally developed by the legends that is Ultimate Play the Game for the ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC and MSX in 1985!

Mink Gold Return - Enhanced version of a 2015 homebrew Amiga game

In 2015 Piotr and team released the AMOS arcade puzzle game ' Mink Gold ' for the Amiga in which the task was to collect all the gold coins on the level, avoid the ghosts and finally grab the key to open the door for the next level.  Fast forward to this year however and at some point soon the game is set to make a triumphant come back. As according to djpiotrs, ' Mink Gold Return ' will be released in the near future from Digital Team with a complete overhaul to the graphics.

Assembloids 2600 - Fast-paced reaction puzzle game, PAL and NTSC binaries this weekend

Atari 2600 gamers you may be interested in this news update, as we've just been told by Martin Wendt that the fast paced action reaction puzzle game of ' Assembloids 2600 ' which was made by Martin restricted to just 4k, will be available in binarie form PAL and NTSC as from this weekend. Assembloids was and still is available for sale on the atariage website, and gathered some very favourable reviews as a fully fledged cartridge release.

Return of the Obra Dinn - First person adventure from Papers, Please creator Lucas Pope

Welcome to "Return of the Obra Dinn", a first person ghost ship adventure game from Lucas Pope, creator of that fine Indie title "Papers, Please". Developed through a very unique art style of which I haven't seen since the old Mac days, you play as an insurance adjuster for the East India Company and must board the Obra Dinn,  recover the Roll Book and find out what actually happened on that creepy ship!