Petscii Robots - Action Adventure game from David Murray/8Bit Guy gets an Atari XL/XE port!

Something slightly different for your evening entertainment, as Saberman has recently contacted us on Facebook to tell you that the same creator of PLANET X3, who we know as David Murray/The 8bit guy, has made available the Action Adventure game of 'Petscii Robots'; an unusual port for the Atari XL/XE since it runs in monochrome text mode, but it is just as fun to play as the Commodore or Apple version. To coincide with this news, you can view some new screenshots and the latest footage from Saberman himself.

Blade - A dungeon crawler for Amiga & Amiga emulators by Mark Sheeky

Another Amiga heads up for you all, and another RPG, as we've recently been informed via Saberman on Facebook, that if you head on over to the website, you can download Mark Sheeky's Dungeon Crawler of 'Blade' ; a rather rare game originally released in 1996 as the creators 20th, last, and most ambitious game for Amiga; an expanded, isometric sequel to his roguelike game Hilt. To coincide with this news, you can view the screenshots below and footage(soon). and my love of the Amiga game Ambermoon - Article dev remake special by Pyrdacor

Some people asked about my reasons and background. So I started to write a bit of the story and process of developing this remake. It is not complete but should give a little bit of insight. About the "How" and the "Why" I have to tell a lot. Unfortunately my time is very limited to document all this. Some things about the "How" are indirectly documented inside some "Issues" of the github issue tracker. Especially here, here and here

MECHWARS: CENTIPEDE - A rather cool looking Centipede inspiration is coming to the ZX Spectrum

We've featured a number of great games by ZXBITLES over the last couple of years, from RED RAID THE BEGINNING to RED RAID: THE INFILTRATING on the ZX Spectrum. Well today's news came as a complete surprise to us via the Speccy forums, as we have just found out that the same team behind those games, is working on a Centipede inspiration called MECHWARS: CENTIPEDE; a new game for "ZX-Dev Media&Demakes" compo which has been teased in this latest project video viewable below.

Siemb Chronicles: Arkos the Traitor - A very challenging yet high quality Amstrad game by ESP Soft

We were a bit late on this one as it seems the Amstrad homebrew community isn't really interested in IndieRetroNews, but if you're looking to play a rather decent looking game on your Amstrad, then you might like to know, that ESP Soft has released the action platformer of Siemb Chronicles: Arkos the Traitor; A very challenging game in which you must fight an endless array of dangerous baddies defending the the evil Arkos the Traitor on the planet Hypsis.

Dune II - The Maker - An open source remake of Westwood's other hit Strategy classic from the 90's!

I'm sure many of you remember Dune II, one of the greatest RTS games of our time, an all time classic developed by one of the greatest developers Westwood, which was released for the Amiga, MS-DOS and a later release on the Sega Megadrive in 93. Well if you do remember it and want to relive some of that nostalgia, then we have recently been contacted through twitter, that you can now download the latest version of Dune II - The Maker: An open source remake of the classic Dune II with improvements which has reached version 0.6.0 after 9 months of development.

Boulder Dash - Classic 1980's game is being developed for the VIC20

We've certainly featured the 1984 Boulder Dash game a lot these last few years, what with the release of Boulder Dash Junior II The Final Dig and Boulder Dash Senior to name but a few for the C64. But now as a complete surprise to us, we've been told that if you have a VIC20, at some point soon you'll be able to play this fine game as a conversion by TRSi64 on the VIC20. A game running on a 32KB memory Expansion which has been teased in this latest preview footage viewable below.

Night Knight - A great MSX homebrew from Juan J. Martínez arrives on the C64 by Aris Kavalos

Another great heads up for our Indie Retro News readers, as we've recently been told by Saberman that the previously released game of ' Night Knight ' which was created for the MSX by Juan J. Martinez, is now available for all to enjoy as a digital download for the C64 by Aris Kavalos. This game of which we have featured a number of times before, is a very enjoyable arcade platformer that has been ported over to the C64 much to the delight of the retro community.

Pacman 500 - The Amiga conversion from the arcade game gets a release via AmiGameJam

We've featured Pac-Man many times now on Indie Retro News, from those mentioned for the Atari 2600 to the Intellivision and even the one that appeared on the Pico-8. Each one varying in style to the 1980's hit classic. Well we've got another update for you Amiga owners, as Earok has just informed us through Facebook, that you can now download PacMan 500 for the Amiga ; an Amiga conversion from the arcade game which has been developed by Jotd and entered into the AmiGameJam competition.

Alwa's Awakening - A highly anticipated NES port is coming soon as a physical edition through Retro-Bit

Another great heads up for you all, as we've recently been informed through Twitter, that Elden Pixels Battle of Olympus and Solstice retro inspired PC platformer of ' Alwa's Awakening '; a game which was released on Steam back in 2017, is getting a NES port and will be arriving at some point this year with a physical release through publisher Retro-Bit. For those of you who don't remember this fine game, you play as Zoe, a heroine sent from another world to bring peace to the land of Alwa. You must use your magical staff against lots of strange creatures and big bosses through many different themed rooms.

Robot Dungeon 2121 - A Berzerk like game entered into the Atari 8bit ABBUC 2021 competition

Tom has moments ago contacted us about a new game that's in development called 'Robot Dungeon 2121'; a game which is not only coming to the Atari XL/XE, but looks very much like a clone of the rather fun 1980's game Berzerk. According to the video uploader who has shown off this new footage, Robot Dungeon 2121 developed for the Atari 8 Bit Computer Systems, is being programmed by Eric Anschuetz, Robert Anschuetz, and John Weisgerber, which has been submitted for the ABBUC 2021 new Atari 8 Bit programming contest.

Ambermoon - Open source fixer upper of a fantastic CRPG gets a new Amiga build

Today's news is yet another good 'un for fans of this great Dungeon Crawling/CRPG. As thanks to Pyrdacor letting us know once more through the EAB forums. He has said that if you head on over to the github website, you can try out the latest Amiga 1.10 English and 1.09 German update of the classic game of Ambermoon; an open source version of that classic game which aims to bring this awesome Amiga RPG to many other platforms with fixes and improvements.