DR. MARIA - A rather nice Dr. Mario clone for the Commodore 64

Another interesting news story has appeared which is well worth a mention on Indie Retro News, is the latest *Public* Commodore 64 release of 'DR MARIA' by Sysantmin. A Commodore 64 game which is not only a clone of the 1990 puzzle video game of Dr Mario; a game originally by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, and Game Boy. But the game features 20 levels of arcade fun with an upbeat soundtrack. To coincide with this news, Saberman has done a video of the game in action.

Super Star Trek - 1970s source code of the 80 column printer terminal based simulation, converted to many 8bit systems!

Fancy a new game for the Acorn Electron, BBC Micro, Commodore PET, Commodore 64, Plus/4 or Vic-20, then you've come to the right place! As thanks to a heads up by a good friend of ours in our inbox, we've learnt of a classic treky game that has been released for all those systems mentioned above called 'Super Star Trek'. As in the words of electron.greg (as an example for the Commodore 64 version) "I have taken the original 1970s source code of the 80 column printer terminal based simulation and converted it to run on a Commodore 64, No mainframe required!".

Plan B 2 - Fandal and Miker have released a new(ish) game for the Atari XL/XE!

The A8 retro games just keep on coming throughout the weekend, as thanks to another heads up earlier today from our good friend Saberman, he has told us that Fandal and Miker have released a new(ish) game for the Atari XL/XE called Plan B 2. An Atari 8bit conversion from the BBC Micro which was originally released back in 1987 by Paul Brittan and Andrew Foord as Pan B. To coincide with this news, Saberman has also done a video showing this BBC Micro to Atari XL/XE port in action!

Akumajou Dracula AGA - Upcoming Castlevania for the Amiga gets new demo footage!

We've certainly played our fare share of Castlevania inspired games over the years, especially the most impressive Castlevania Spectral Interlude by Sanchez on the ZX Spectrum. But today news is super special and well worth a mention, as thanks to another heads up by the Scorpion Facebook page, we've been shown some brand new footage of the upcoming Castlevania demo of 'Akumajou Dracula AGA'; An in development AGA Amiga version which is in the works by Dante Retro Dev!

Herisferix - An enhanced Shoot 'em up for your Commodore 64 by TND

The Commodore 64 news just keeps on coming this week, as earlier today we were informed by our good friend and Youtubber Saberman, that TND has released a new C64 game called 'Herisferix'; An enhanced version of a SEUCK game that according to the team behind the game features "pretty cool enhancements, such as enemy firing intelligence, some power ups and no SEUCK slowdown syndrome". To coincide with this news, Saberman has also provided a video showing the game in action.

Toki C64 Remastered is in development, early footage shown!

Toki was and still is an awesome arcade shooter platformer that was released way back in 1989 by a designer by the name of Akira Sakuma for many different systems such as the NES, Sega Mega Drive, Atari Lynx, Atari ST, Amiga and Commodore 64. In it you played as an enhanced Ape transformed from a Human that could shoot energy balls from his mouth defeating strange creatures and finally an evil Wizard. Well If you remember this truly great game, you'll be pleased to know that at some point in the near future, you'll be able to play a remastered version which is in development for the C64!

Space Taxi - An Iconic Commodore 64 game arrives on the Atari XL/XE and it's pretty decent!

Here we are with another interesting story that's just been sent to us by Saberman and F. Santellocco, and it's the latest release of the iconic C64 game 'Space Taxi' for the Atari XL/XE. As in the words of the email we've recently been sent " Many years ago we talked about a game release, I don't remember which one ah ah. An Italian friend of mine, Andrea Cucchetto, former A8 and Atari ST coder, worked for years on an A8 conversion of the iconic 1985 C64 game Space Taxi by John Kutcher (I helped a bit in testing and gave some advices). I am glad to inform Indie Retro News that the first public version of the game has been released, together with interesting documentation, in the Italian language website dedicated to Atari 8 bit computers"

Aliens NeoPlasma - A great Aliens themed ZX Spectrum game that should be experienced on a ZX Spectrum Next!

It wasn't long ago now that we had the pleasure of playing the awesome game 'Aliens NeoPlasma ' on the Spectrum which was developed by Sanchez crew (Russian Federation); a horror platformer as their own take on the Aliens movie theme complete with friendly face-huggers. Well fast forward to this month however and as a great heads up by Liqmatrix in our inbox, we've been told this great game has been uploaded to itch.io for both the ZX Spectrum and ZX Spectrum NEXT. Although do be aware these are not NEW games, I just didn't get the chance to feature the NEXT version until now.

Galaxian500 - This Arcade conversion by JOTD and team for the Commodore Amiga looks super cool!

Quick Boxart by Mrv2k

It was only just the other day that we announced that JOTD was working on an Arcade to Commodore Amiga conversion of the classic game of 'Galaxian'; a game that was regarded as an Arcade hit from all the way back to 1979-1984. Well we have some interesting news that's just been sent to us by Saberman, as JOTD and team have made available a brand new beta play test; a downloadable version in which you too can experience this work in progress title that's in development for the Commodore 500 and above. 

PETSCII Bros - A Commodore PET homage to Mario Bros, a 1983 arcade game!

Fancy another quality release for the Commodore PET, then you've come to the right place! As thanks to another heads up by a good friend of ours on both Facebook and Twitter, we've just learnt of a new game that you can play right now called 'PETSCII Bros' by Jimbo; an Arcade homage to that classic game of Mario Bros which was released way back in 1983. To coincide with this news, the creator has also provided a video showing the game in action.

Tony - Previously announced Amiga game by Monochrome Productions gets new footage! [ DEMO RELEASED ]

The Amiga news just keeps on coming! As after already featuring the latest release of Tapper and the in development Galaxian, we have recently been informed by Saberman, that a new Amiga demo has been teased for the upcoming game of 'Tony' by Monochrome Productions! While we don't have any information about the games development just yet, all we can go on is this new demo footage video provided by Saberman, which gives us a better look at the game by Pawel Tukatsch, Michal Brzeziki, Rafal Dudek and XLent,

Ooze: The Escape - A great ZX Spectrum game by Andy Johns gets a Haplo C64 port release!

If you have a Commodore 64 you are going to love this news update that's been sent to us early this morning, as if you remember our previous announcement of Ooze which was released for the ZX Spectrum by Andy Johns. Then you maybe interested to know that as of today, you can play the final version of the Commodore 64 conversion/port by Haplo! To coincide with this news, Saberman has also provided a video of the game in action below.

Tapper - Arcade beer drinking classic on the Amiga gets a final release and it's GREAT!

We've featured the 1983 game of 'Tapper' a number of times now, as throughout these last few months we've been telling everyone, that the beer serving Arcade game originally by Marvin Glass and Associates released by Bally Midway, was coming to the Amiga as an Arcade port. Well today we have another Tapper news story for you all, as Old_Bob has told us that the previously mentioned in-development Amiga version has been finished and is now available for download. As in the words of the creator "Ok, dudes. After 3 years, 4 months and 17 days since the day I began the thing, the finished game is now, at last...Time here, for a celebratory beer, or three!"

Galaxian is being developed for the Commodore Amiga as a great conversion by JOTD

Galaxian has appeared on Indie Retro News many times over the years, especially as it is one particular Arcade classic that homebrew developers love making clones of with special effects and bonus power ups added. Well this time we are going back to the original hit from 1979-1984, as we have recently been informed by Saberman through Facebook, that if you loved this game back in the day, then at some point in the near future you'll be able to play Galaxian on the Commodore Amiga thanks to JOTD!

Devwill Too ZX 2.0 - Version 2.0 of a great ZX Spectrum game by Amaweks!

Another retro gaming news update today, as if you enjoyed the ZX Spectrum release of Devwill Too by Amaweks, then as of today you can also play the latest version 2.0 which is available below. This game available for purchase from itch.io, is not only an Arcade game based on the Mega Drive/Sega Genesis version, but in the game you must traverse multiple levels, avoid deadly traps or falling to your death, and get cool combo points for jumping on multiple enemies in each level.