The Darkness Below - This upcoming dungeon crawler for the PC looks amazing!! (+Demo)

First Person Dungeon Crawlers have a huge fan base on Indie Retro News, so many of us love games such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Ishar and even ones just released on the Amiga such as the great Shadows of Sergoth or Black Dawn Rebirth. Well here we are with another special announcement especially if you love dungeon crawlers, as Sabbas Eleftheriadis has shown off some brand new screenshots for the work in progress PC game of The Darkness Below; A first person grid based dungeon crawler that is sure to excite many in the RPG community.

Sacred Valley - A new MSX action platformer, but with several twists and unique features.

Another interesting news story has just hit our inbox and one I think MSX gamers across the globe will loading up, as trawling through the MSXDev'22 competition, we've come across a brand new game entry called 'Sacred Valley'; A game which the competition describes as "a classic type of action platformer, but with several twists and unique features". To coincide with this news you can either download the game right now, or play it online via the MSX browser link provided below.

Awesome Slam Siblings - A Super Smash Bros Tribute coming to the Commodore 64 gets new footage

We always try to get the best in retro gaming updates on Indie Retro News for our readers, as we've just found out while looking through the Commodore 64/128 Facebook group and through Saberman, that Søren Trautner Madsen is not only still working on his upcoming Commodore 64 Super Smash Bros tribute game of 'Awesome Slam Siblings', but as of today there's some new footage of the game for you to view, as a teaser to the full game when it hopefully goes public down the line.

Robocop AGA - Upcoming Robocop remake via Daniel Allsopp for the Amiga gets more footage

Remember when we told you that 'Robocop' was coming to the Amiga as a complete AGA rework, developed in 68k ASM for those of you who felt the original 1989 Ocean/Data East game was rather lacking. Well just recently thanks to another heads up via Per Ola Eriksson, Daniel Allsopp who is behind this AGA rework, has posted a brand new work in progress video showing how far the game has come since its first announcement all those months ago.

Karate Champ VS Amiga - A 1980's Arcade fighting game coming to the Amiga gets new footage

If you remember the 1980's game of 'Karate Champ; An Arcade fighting game that was released in the Arcades and later the Apple II, C64, NES, Virtual Console, iOS via Data East, then you might like this latest Amiga news story we've come across on EAB. As Jotd has teased a brand new video for the work in progress Arcade like version 'Karate Champ VS Amiga' for yes you guessed it the Commodore Amiga. In light of this news, while you can view the video below, Jotd has also said no9 has joined the team with fine remade tunes for both the start and the end.

RogueCraft - A new Amiga roguelike from Badger Punch Games is coming and it looks good!

If you have an Amiga you are sure to like this latest news story we've come across on Twitter, as if you were hoping to play the C64 version of 'Rogue64' by Badger Punch Games but didn't get the chance, then make sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming release of 'RogueCraft'; The creators popular C64 game Rogue64, with a Lovecraft-inspired theme, and loads more features that is coming to the Amiga at some point in the near future. To coincide with this news, Ricki Sickenger (Zendar) has teased another screenshot which gives us a very early look at the game itself.

Hercules Redux - A redux version of the classic Hercules game for the Commodore 16/Plus4

If you're looking for something different to play through this weekend and possibly the week ahead too, then you'll pleased to know as thanks to a heads up by Plus/4 World, we've been told that C64Mark has released a redux version of the classic game Hercules for the Commodore 16/Plus4. As in the words of Luca : "C64Mark is the very first streamer with a Commodore 16 dedicated channel on his own Twitch channel, and today he has a further present for us: together with a bunch of friends whose helped him, he released a redux version of Hercules C16!".

Inviyya II : Hyperblaster - Tigerskunk's eagerly awaited sequel to an incredible Amiga Shoot 'em up gets new footage (Amiga/Neo Geo)

If you have played TIGERSKUNK's awesome side scrolling shoot 'em up of Inviyya, an incredible game that not only won IRN Game of the Year 2021, but many of those who played it thought it was one of the best games on the Amiga, then this latest news story is for you! As we've recently found out through Facebook, that Tigerskunk has shown off some brand new footage of the eagerly awaited sequel of Inviyya II - Hyperblaster. Yet another awesome looking Shoot em up which is coming to the Amiga 1200, 4000, CD32 and Neo Geo.

Tenebra 2 - An atmospheric puzzle game for the C64 and Plus4 is getting a sequel (Preview Available)

Although I don't usually do writing this early in the morning, especially on a Saturday, as we've recently been trawling the itch io website, and have found out that the atmospheric game of Tenebra by Haplo, which was released in 2021. Is going to get a sequel called 'Tenebra 2' for the C64 and Plus/4! To coincide with this news, not only is there a viewable gif below, but if you want to try the game out the developer has also released a preview download for you to play.

Flying Shark 2022 - HOT NEWS as a WIP Flying Shark remake for the Commodore Amiga gets a playable demo

It was just recently that we gave you the heads up that the 1987 Arcade game of 'Flying Shark' was being remade for the Amiga by none other than Magnus T together with JMD. Well if you were hoping for more news on this Arcade like version of the game, which was originally developed by Toaplan and released on the Amiga as well as many other systems. Then as of today the creator has just released a 2 level playable demo for you to try requiring an Amiga 500, 7.14 mhz cpu, OCS/ECS, 1 MB and 1.3 ROM.

Don Quixote - Another fab release for the ZX Spectrum by Zosya Entertainment!

ZOSYA entertainment have made a lot of great games for the speccy, games such as Drift!, Valley of Rains, Travel Through Time Volume 1 and even the latest Angels which have all been featured as highly recommended on Indie Retro News. Well here we are with even more news from ZOSYA entertainment, as they've just released a fabulous game called Don Quixote; A brand new adventure platformer for all ZX Spectrum models, including the 16K. In light of this news, you can check out the latest footage of the game by Saberman.

Shadow of the Pig - Fart your through yet another endless runner game via the MSXdev'22!

If you don't like these endless runner games then look away now, as thanks to Saberman and File Hunter contacting us just recently through Twitter, we've been told that the T-Rex(Chrome Easter Egg) and Shadow of the Beast inspiration of 'Shadow Of The Pig', has been released through the MSXdev'22 competition. A Parallax based MSX game in which playing as a PIG you need to fart your way through a Cactus filled level to lift that a curse has replaced your shadow by an evil Witch.

Bounce Mania - Bounce the ball through a difficult maze for the MSX!

Another entry in the MSX Dev 2022 competition and one that yet again will challenge your brains possibly to frustration throughout the weeks ahead, is Zett Darkstone new Puzzler called Bounce Mania: An MSX 720KB game in which you need to bounce a ball around a challenging maze with teleports and other difficulties to reach the exit. To coincide with this news Saberman has done another gameplay video, that gives you a better idea of how the game looks and plays.

DRex The Drunk Dinosaur - Another T-REX game appears and this one is for the Amiga via RPI!

Another Amiga game has appeared in our inbox and if you remember all the Chrome easter egg inspirations we've featured throughout the last few years, then you may be interested to know that a new game has arrived on the Amiga called DRex - The Drunk Dinosaur. A game whereby playing as a dinosaur, you have to jump over lots of painful objects while drinking energy boosters to beat your previous high score. To coincide with this news, there's a new video to watch as a first look to the game of DRex through Retro Programmers Inside.

Alien Astro Frenzy - An endless Shooter released for the ZX Spectrum by Vintage Software Systems

The retro games just keep on coming, as thanks to another heads up earlier today from a good friend of ours, we have been told us that Vintage Software Systems, who were behind games such as Cosmic Space Attack, Super Alien Blast and Super Meteor Blast have released the endless Shooter of 'Alien Astro Frenzy for the ZX Spectrum. A game in which you must wipe out dangerous enemies and retrieve the mega fusion crystals that have been stolen by aliens to power their deadly astro-base.