Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge - A new game play trailer and coming to Switch in 2021!

We've just received another great heads up in our inbox, as if you've followed the previous announcement for the upcoming game of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge; an all new arcade brawler which reunites Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello in a beautifully realized pixel art world invoking the turtles’ classic 1987 design. You'll be pleased to know that the publisher Dotemu with Viacom International and Tribute Games has just launched not only a brand new gameplay trailer, but also that the game is coming to Switch in 2021!

Knight Rider 77 - A simplistic yet challenging Amiga game via Luigi Recanatese

We've just had a double heads up today for new Amiga news, as both Saberman and Per Ola has just told us, that you can now download Luigi Recanatese's new Commodore Amiga racing game of 'Knight Rider 77'; a simple car racer reminiscent of late 70s games, which was written in Amiblitz 3.8.0 and is a hark back to the days of the TV show "Knight Rider"... Yes the music of Knight Rider does play in the game the further you race up the track!

Flighty Fox - Flappy Bird clone on your Amiga A500 and up as a sample game for the Scorpion Engine

Say hello to probably one of the most rage worthy game experiences of the past, a game so frustrating you'll not just be tapping but probably punching the screen in frustration. Yet it's still incredibly addictive even today! Well thanks to both Saberman and idpixel.ru who announced that the game was out, you can now play another Flappy Bird clone on your Amiga 500 and up called ' Flighty Fox '; A Parallax sample game for the rather impressive in dev Scorpion Engine

PiTrex Chess - An upcoming Chess game for your Vectrex gets a new video!

When I was a young lad my step dad used to always go on about Chess. He'd sit there for hours on end moving around pieces as if the end result would be some grand prize. It certainly wasn't my idea of fun as I was a video gamer anyway! Still if you are into Chess and have a Vectrix fitted with a PiTrex, you might like the look of this new game that's just been sent to our inbox called 'PiTrex Chess'; an upcoming game that's being developed by TheClassicsCoder. 

Shadow Warrior - Classic MS-DOS FPS making its way on to the Amiga via BSZili

Another great heads up by Solo Kazuki is the MS-DOS first person shooter ' Shadow Warrior ', which is being ported over to the Amiga by BSzili. Originally developed by 3D Realms and published by GT Interactive back in 1997, Shadow Warrior had an improved engine from the one used in Duke Nukem 3D and featured 3D voxels instead of 2D sprites, usable inventory items, and violent head slicing katanas, Uzi's and many more to make this a bloody fine game! 

Alex Kidd in Pico World - A fabulous Alex Kidd demake for the Pico8 virtual console

While many of you are probably looking forward to playing the upcoming Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX which is coming to PC, and features all the best parts of the original game plus new animations, graphical detail and gameplay improvements. There's another version that might interest you, although more suited for those of you who like demakes and the Pico-8. Is Domarius's Alex Kidd in Pico World; a miniaturized version of the game featuring almost everything from the original recreated in the limitations of the Pico-8  64x64 Console!

Vegetables Deluxe - A fabulous Match 3 game by Mike Richmond gets a speccy release

Double Sided Games didn't just announce that Don't Break The Balls for the C64 was accepting pre-orders for a May release, but as of today you can now play the eagerly awaited ZX Spectrum game of ' Vegetables Deluxe '; A game that was previously released on the Amiga and C64 and also coming to the Vic-20 via Arlagames. Now if you haven't heard of this game before, that's because it was previously released as Vegetables, and now thanks to Mike Richmond, has got a rather lovely speccy graphical overhaul!

Don't Break The Balls - Bubble popping C64 game coming via Double Sided Games, Pre-Orders open

Double Sided Games have published some very good games these last few years, games such as Vegetables Deluxe, Black Dawn Rebirth and Hired Sword 2 are just some of the ones worthy of another mention. Thankfully the fun doesn't stop there, as Double Sided Games has recently contacted us through Twitter, that as from the end of may 2021 they will be launching a new game for the C64 called Don’t Break The Balls; an action / puzzle game for 1 or 2 players in co-operation or duel!