Alcon(Slap Fight) - Abalore's Amstrad port of a classic Arcade game teased

While many of you are eagerly awaiting the Amstrad version of The Sword of Ianna, or have played the excellent Amstrad Plus overhaul of Ghosts 'n Goblins, then there's another game you might be interested in playing and again an Arcade port, and that's the upcoming Amstrad game 'Alcon' developed by Abalore. Now if you've ever played Alcon in the Arcades or as it was known on the 8bit machines as Slap Fight, you'll be pleased to know this version is being developed as close to the Arcade as possible, while keeping the spirit of the 8-bit version intact. (Yes the 8-bit original was still a good game too)

Tiny Galaga - An Arcade classic as a tiny Amiga OCS/ECS Demake

Prepare to have your minds blown, especially if you have an Amiga! As we've been told by a good friend of ours that the 1981 classic Arcade game of ' Galaga ', has been released on the Commodore Amiga as a Monochrome tiny demake. This game originally developed and published by Namco Japan and by Midway in North America in 1981, as the sequel to the 1979 game Galaxian. Puts you in control of a mighty spaceship that must destroy waves of enemy formations that are out to destroy or capture you!

Mario's Cement Factory C64 port coming soon - My first assembly game

As the C64 was my first computer you would think it was the system which first introduced me to the magic of play at home video gaming. But actually it wasn't, because before my family brought home the bread bin that day, I’d been playing some of the Nintendo Game & Watch handheld games. Including my favourite: Mario’s Cement Factory. For almost as long as I can remember I’ve been wanting to make a game for the C64 - But apart from some BASIC text adventures and messing around in SEUCK, I never quite managed it until now.

Tapper - Arcade beer drinking classic conversion gets an improved Amiga Demo

One game that many people remember so fondly that's all about serving patrons in a pub, was that classic game 'Tapper'; a game by Marvin Glass and Associates released by Bally Midway, all those years ago in the Arcades in 1983. In fact this game also appeared on the Atari 2600, Atari 8bit, Amstrad CPC, BBC MICRO, C64, MSX and yes even the ZX Spectrum. So why is this fine Arcade game getting a mention yet again on IRN? Old_Bob has been had at work with his Amiga conversion, and since yesterday has released an updated demo for you to try!

Dude Story - A rather cool looking Platformer in dev for the Atari XL/XE

We've certainly featured a lot of Atari XL/XE games through the years, from the upcoming Prince of Persia port, to the great Monty on the Run conversion released in 2019. But now we've got a bit of a special treat for all you Atari 8bit owners, as thanks to another Saberman heads up, we've been told Mq is working on a high quality platformer called ' Dude Story '; a game of which is also being shown in this new footage tease below with an inclusive tech demo.

The FUSION 2021 Annual - FUSION magazine in the form of another fantastic annual!

From the early part of last year, we have been giving you multiple heads up regarding a great gaming magazine called ' Fusion ', which is a magazine which features not just gaming news from Indie and Retro but also Handhelds and even Table Tops ( Bit like us really but in magazine form :p ). Well you'll be pleased to know if you missed out on any of the awesome issues through this year, or want all the best bits in an annual form, Chris Wilkins of Fusion Retro Books has launched the ' Fusion 2021 Annual ' Kickstarter : A Kickstarter that's going to be every bit as good as the Fusion 2020 Annual kickstarted last year!

Flying Saucers - A work in progress Defender style C64 game is looking good

In 1981 Williams Electronics released Defender, an all time classic multi-directional arcade shooter featuring 2D graphics as you defeat waves of aliens while protecting astronauts on the surface. But what if I told you there's an upcoming game by Black Hole that is very much inspired by that game but looks oh so good and coming to the C64 would you be interested? You would, good! Welcome to 'Flying Saucers', an early teased preview of a Defender style game that is coming to the C64 at some point in the near future.

Pac Man The Curse of the Slimers - ZX Spectrum version of Pac Man is super smooth

As we said before throughout the years there have been many Pac-Man games mentioned on Indie Retro News, from the Pac-Man Xtreme romhack, to Jr. Pac-Man on the Intellivision, a Pac-Man game on the Pico-8, and even the latest Pac-Hack on the ZX Spectrum (All of these vary in style to the 1980's hit classic that can still be found today sitting as a port beside an Atari 2600). Well ZX owners Pac-Man has been mentioned once again, as we've just found out there's a super smooth version of Pac-Man released on the ZX Spectrum called Pac Man The Curse of the Slimers.

Twin Tiger Shark - Retro inspired shoot 'em up that looks seriously cool

There's nothing like a damn good shoot 'em up, especially one that is inspired by the era of the 80's and 90's classics. So here we are with Twin Tiger Shark by Wide Pixel Games, a game that is true to its roots and looks to be an awesome title indeed. With an online score system, wide screen control rotation support, 6 stages, lots of enemies, big bosses, 3 difficulty settings, 3 weapon types and some cool power ups, this is a top quality shoot 'em up that we'd recommend.

Chex Quest HD - Multiplayer remake of the classic 1996 FPS advergame

Ah Chex Quest, there's a game that brings back memories of a time when everyone loved a good Doom style first person shooter and Chex Quest was the weirdest of the bunch. Originally created in 1996 by Digital Cafe, Chex Quest was released as a cereal promotion aimed at the much younger generation with hardly any of the adult variety featured in Doom, even though it was based on the Doom engine. Fast forward to today however and we have Chex Quest HD to play ; a free multiplayer remake of the classic 1996 FPS advergame of the same name which is now available on Steam.

Mystic Searches - An upcoming NES game that may be worth waiting for!

I thought to myself today it's been some time since we had any Zelda style games on Indie Retro News, but thankfully I've come across a game that doesn't only look like a Zelda development, but it almost looks like a high quality commercial release from the golden era of the NES. Welcome to Mystic Searches; a brand new upcoming game from The New 8-bit Heroes, in which they claim from their website : " The lore of this world is far beyond the scope of what can fit in the limited memory of an 8-bit NES cartridge."

GLUF - RetroSouls releases a fabulous Sega Mega Drive/Genesis game

If you're looking for fresh Sega Mega Drive and Genesis news then look no further. As thanks to a heads up from Per Ola via Facebook, we've been told that the previously released ZX Spectrum version of 'GLUF', has now appeared on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis thanks to the hard work of RetroSouls; a great team of retro heads who also released fabulous games such as YAZZIE and Old Tower on other systems such as the MSX.