The Last Escape - Escape from Colditz Amiga Demake released for the ZX Spectrum

As many of  you know by now that the ZX-DEV Media and Demakes compo had been launched and gave you the chance to not only create an awesome game where the contestants had to either submit a game which is based on any of the different Communicational Media such as TV or Movies, but you could also create a Spectrum demake of an existing game for a machine more powerful than the Spectrum. Well one such game that is the highlight of todays news story, is a brand new demake of Escape from Colditz (Amiga) from Ariel Endaraues and team called 'The Last Escape'.

Seaquest - A 1983 Atari 2600 game arrives on the C64 by H4plo, Marukpa and Richard Bayliss!

We've featured many Atari 2600 to C64 conversions and ports throughout the years, from Spider Fighter, to Keystone Kapers and even our personal favorite Frostbite. Well here's some good news to get us through this Friday which has been developed by H4plo, Marukpa and Richard Bayliss, is the Atari 2600 to C64 conversion/port of Seaquest; a video game written by Steve Cartwright for the Atari 2600 and published by Activision in 1983, in which playing as a submarine you need to shoot at enemies and rescue divers.

The Scorpion Engine - A fabulous creation tool for the Amiga gets a new Engine Demo tease!

As most of you are aware, there are different ways to create Amiga games, either through Amos, Blitz Basic, RedPill or through the rather lackluster Backbone. But one such game engine is becoming the highlight of nearly every new Amiga game or tech demo announcement, and that's Earok's Scorpion Engine; a constantly updated piece of software that gives developers the tools to create graphically impressive games, running at decent frame rates even on the lowest spec'd Amigas.

Double Dragon - Work continues to bring an Arcade quality port of Double Dragon over to the Amiga

Even to this day, if you ask someone what they thought of Double Dragon, and they'd probably tell you of an awesome Arcade beat em up released in 1987, that gave you the option to play two twin martial artists who could kick, punch and throw enemies off scene through many different levels. Well if you had this game on pretty much every system going but felt the Amiga version was lacking, you'll be pleased with this news update. As Mark Day has shown some brand new footage of the upcoming Arcade quality port which is being developed for the Amiga!

Briley Witch Chronicles - A C64 Japanese inspired RPG HIT from Sarah Jane Avory is coming to the Amiga

As many of you know by now the ex-SEGA game developer and author: Sarah Jane Avory had released a fabulous Japanese styled RPG for the C64 called ' Briley Witch Chronicles ', a game which not only featured a great story, but also the ability talk to people, watch cutscenes, spend lots of time with your pet cat, fight in a turn based combat system, and traverse through hours and hours worth of gameplay. 

Gelatino 2 - A colourful MSX 1 game which will arrive on your doorsteps before Christmas!

The MSX community are certainly no strangers to quality releases on the MSX especially with great games such as Westen House and The Fall of Prometheus. Well today's news is equally special for the MSX community, as we've recently found out through Facebook, that you can pre-order Physical Dreams awesome looking Arcade game of 'Gelatino 2' ; An upcoming game which has plenty of colourful screens as you try to rescue 45 imprisoned bubbles spread throughout many of the challenging levels.

Black Dawn Rogue - The next Amiga AGA game in the Black Dawn Saga gets another tease

We've featured many Dungeon Crawlers on Indie Retro News, from Black Dawn Rebirth which is a high grade crawler as the 7th episode of the Black Dawn Dungeon Crawler/RPG series by Colin Vella, Shaun Watters, Ten Shu and Mike Richmond. To ' The Shadows of Sergoth '; a game which blew many of us away with fast coded graphics, deadly monsters and cool loot to find throughout. Well fast forward to today and do we have some great news for you, as we have recently been informed through the EAB forums, that Black Dawn Rogue; the next Dungeon Crawler in the Black Dawn Saga, has just got its second preview tease!

Cosmic Combat DX - An enhanced version of a cool Shoot 'em up is now available for the C64

Yet another game has appeared in our box of retro goodness, as we've recently been informed through Facebook and The New Dimension on Twitter, that if you're looking for a cool Shoot 'em up to play right now, then make sure to check out TND and Alf Yngve's overhauled C64 game of 'Cosmic Combat DX''; A fun arcade blaster for one or two players in which you must fly your spaceship into the deep void of space blasting through fleets of assorted alien invaders.

Ray Fish Deluxe - A brand new vertical scrolling underwater shoot 'em up released for the C64

The C64 news just keeps on coming, as if Pillars and PETSCII Portal wasn't enough to whet your appetite, then you might be interested to learn as thanks to a heads up from a good friend of ours, we've just found out that if you head on over to the itch page linked below, you can now download the latest C64 game of Ray Fish Deluxe; a brand new vertical scrolling underwater shoot 'em up from Martin Piper, Richard Bayliss, Alf Yngve and Hugues (Ax!s) Poisseroux published by The New Dimension!

Bone Cruncher - A 1987 puzzle video game by Superior Software gets an Atari XL/XE port

If you remember playing the 1987/8 game of 'Bone Cruncher'; a game released on the Acorn Electron, BBC Micro, Commodore 64 and Amiga by Superior Software, then you might like this news story. As thanks to Saberman contacting us recently via Facebook, he has told us that if you have an Atari XL/XE you can download Fandal, HardCore and Jose Pereira's version of that classic, which in itself is a port of the game from the BBC Micro.

Pillars - A colourful Columns game for the C64 gets a tease

Another C64 news story for you all, thanks to a heads up from our good friend Saberman, we've been told if you loved the 1984 game of Tetris or the 1989 game of Columns, you'll pleased to know that a brand new puzzler inspired by those games has been teased for the C64 via the ZZAP! 64 Magazine. This game named as 'Pillars' is a puzzle game developed by Nick Sherman and Tokuhiko Uwabo, and comes with all the features you would expect of a cool looking Column inspired game for your C64.

PETSCII Portal - An inspiration to Valve's Portable arrives on the C64 and Commodore PET

For those of you who have played Valve's hit game of Portal might like this early hour news story, as we've recently been informed via CSDb, that if you head on over to the itch page below, you can  download either the Commodore PET or C64 version of PETSCII Portal. A tribute to the Flash game Portal2d, which itself was a tribute to the Valve game Portal. Written / released in 2021. To coincide with this news announcement, a new video has been shown below!