Katabatia - C64 rogue-like announced 8+ years ago gets a release!

If you like C64 games and fancy something different compared to our usual announcements for this well loved retro computer, then you'll be pleased to know malcontent has finally released his awesome looking rogue-like game of ' Katabatia '; a C64 game that was originally started for the very first 16k cart compo, and now be downloaded either via the main forums or via Genesis Project's +4D release with an inclusive trainer.

Ghosts'n DJs - Ghosts 'n Goblins inspired game coming to Steam Feb 6th!

Ghosts n' Goblins is getting another feature for this week, as we've been told through Twitter, that Dr. Kucho! Games will be releasing their GNG inspired game of ' Ghosts 'n DJs ' as of Feb 6th on Steam for PC and MAC. This game according to the creators as an inspiration of the 1985 hit classic, is a pixel-art run and gun side-scrolling action platformer set in a parallel universe in which the music scene is being dominated by fake artists and DJ’s.

Jump! - Amiga version of Yoomp! gets its first footage teaser!

The Amiga scene just keeps on giving us the good stuff, as not only do we now know that Jump! is still coming to the Amiga, which is the Amiga AGA/ECS version of a game originally called Yoomp! But as of today a new teaser trailer has been released below. Yoomp! 64 was released last year by RGCD and Psytronik Software on the C64, as port of the fantastic Atari XE/XL game. It featured gaming mechanics in which you need to bounce a ball through many different three-dimensional textured tubes, to collect as many points as you can while trying not to fall off the edge.

Raymaze 2000 - A new Atari 8bit game based on the Taito arcade game Raimais

Don't worry Atari 8bit owners we haven't forgot about you, as early today we found that a new game was released for the Atari called Raymaze 2000! A very enjoyable looking game from VinsCool, NRV, Therealbountybob, Synthpopalooza and MrFish, in which you need move around a maze collecting circular dots while avoiding other enemies on screen with powerups giving you the edge. To coincide with this news, not only can you download it below, but Saberman has shown off the latest gameplay footage.

Who Dares Wins - Retro classic gets an MSX2 remake

Way back in 1985 Alligator Software was supposed to officially release 'Who Dares Wins' for the C64, but according to certain sites this game played very closely to Commando and thus was stopped by Elite (even though apparently some did get their hands on it). But the news of today isn't for the C64, as we've recently been told by @nenefranz, that the Who Dares Wins remake for the MSX2 by Retroforce had been released and can still be downloaded for free!

ZX Spectrum Game of the Year 2019 Indie Retro News special!

The ZX Spectrum game of the year!! What could it be? Read on to find out!

With the festive season over and being well into a new year (though that said, I still have Christmas cake in my cupboard - true story) I'd say it's time we have a look at some of the best releases for the Spectrum in 2019. The year saw the release of some new developers, some returning and also some sequels to previous game releases. A quick browse through the 2019 Speccy library will have you mightily impressed and amazed in equal measure. When you look at some of the quality in releases and how far some can push the Speccy's limits well, we're looking at mindblowing stuff and things we'd never had dreamed of seeing back in its heyday.

Well, let's get down to some games see what we can see. And play. I've compiled a list of my Top 9 ZX Spectrum games for 2019 - there were so many out there to choose from and it was really hard to whittle down and apologies if your favourite game isn't here. It doesn't mean it's not worthy, it's just there has to be limit and if I covered them all my fingers would wear down from my keyboard, and then where would I be? Hospital probably, I hear you say but enough of that; let's take a look.

Kingpin: Reloaded - A Violent FPS classic remastered & enhanced, coming later this year!

One of the finest games I remember from late 1999 that featured so much graphical violence I was surprised I ever got to play it, was the classic first person shooter Kingpin Life of Crime: a controversal game whereby graphic depiction of violence and heavy use of profanity, gained a lot of media attention even with an 18 certifact slapped on the front of the box! For those of you who never got a chance to play this game, will now get that chance and more. As 3D Realms has just announced the Kingpin : Reloaded edition. A remastered and enhanced version of the crime-themed first-person shooter classic!

Millie and Mollie - Catrap inspired game coming to the C64

Late last year we announced on Indie Retro News that Carleton Handley and Saul Cross was working on a rather lovely game for the C64 called ' Millie and Mollie '; a game which is not only inspired by the late 80's to early 90's game of Catrap, but also features moveable blocks, the swapping of characters to solve puzzles, and the use of time rewinding mechanics to undo your own mistakes. Another game saw the use of rewinding mechanics, was that of the 2008 game 'Braid'.

Project Horizon - Alien blaster announced for the Commodore Amiga gets a cool tease!

Another day and another great news announcement for the Amiga scene, as the previous game we mentioned as 'Project Horizon', has not only been shown off with a brand new HAM6 intro, but also a sneak peek gameplay tease! Yes indeed this game first posted about last year, is an upcoming game that according to the creator Electric Black Sheep, is an Amiga game inspired by basic shooting elements such as Commando, with a mix of Chaos Engine and a dab of Alien Breed.

Synthia in the Cyber Crypt - A C64 platform adventure game created using SEUCK

When it comes to SEUCK developed games they are usually side scrolling action titles, or in the case of most of our write ups.....Shoot em ups. Thankfully 'Synthia in the Cyber Crypt' developed for the latest compo is a bit of a rare breed, as not only was it developed using SEUCK, but instead of the usual type of game, this one is an enhanced platform adventure game with aid of VICE, an Action Replay cartridge (or VICE monitor) and a rather clever programming mind.

Black Sect 2: The Cursed Crypt - PnC remake of the Adventure game La Crypte Des Maudits

If you're looking for something different as a game remake, then it might be worth your time playing the latest release by Brocantygames called ' Black Sect 2: The Cursed Crypt '; a PnC remake of the Adventure game La Crypte Des Maudits, which was originally released way back in 1991 for the Amstrad CPC and published by Lankhor. As noted by the website " The original 1991 version of Black Sect 2, called 'La Crypte Des Maudits' was the successor of the 1990 game 'La Secte Noire', the original 'Black Sect'. Both were done by Lankhor and only released for Amstrad and supported French only. The better known 1993 version of 'Black Sect' was Lankor's own remake of 'La Secte Noire' ".

Bagman - An Arcade classic as an Amiga remake reaches V2C

Another Amiga heads up and no it's not related to STALKER, as we've recently been told that Jotd's work in progress Amiga remake of the 1982 game 'Bagman', has reached version 2C and can be downloaded from the main website below. This game was previously mentioned on IRN, and according to the creator is a GPL remake of the excellent Valadon Automation arcade game, dissambeled so the guard movement is more or less the same, as well as elevators.