The Lost Vikings 2 Amiga - 1997 SNES game by Interplay could be coming to the Amiga (AGA)

Even more Amiga news for you all, as we've recently come across a post by Earok via Facebook, that the SNES version of the game 'The Lost Vikings 2' published by Interplay Productions, could be coming to the Commodore Amiga AGA using the Scorpion Engine. Although when I asked him if this was 100% certified he said, "Started experimenting with Lost Vikings 2 SNES assets with the view to port to AGA Amiga" and "I can't 100% verify, but the plan is to release something with it eventually (if not the whole game, at least the first few levels as a "demo")". So yes there's a chance it may never come to be, but there's still hope!

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Here's what Earok has also said in the latest update 2, located at the Facebook page (HERE). " The original Lost Vikings didn't have multiplayer on Amiga (as opposed to three player on Mega drive), I'm not quite sure why - it may be something to do with the one button nature of Amiga joysticks, since there's a lot of commands and many of them need to be done on keyboard. In any case, I'm at least going to try and support multiplayer on my version. I haven't quite worked out a control scheme yet, especially since the characters have even more abilities than in the previous game. I'd like to keep one button stick support but I can't guarantee that at this point".

"Also been experimenting with a purely OCS build, as such the "parallax" is baked on to the background (on the Amiga version of the original game, there was no background at all on outside levels). This is in 32 colors mode, with a palette reduced down from the ~256 color SNES original. If an artist comes on board at some point, they'd be able to optimize it a lot better. I may need to put it aside just for the moment - there's various features that need to be added to Scorpion to support the project, and I've got a feature freeze on Scorpion ahead of the next major public release."

And that's all we know so far, but as soon as we know more such as a video tease, we will let you all know.


  1. That's good news! The second Lost Vikings games on platforms other than the SNES had an awful graphical design. Real crap, and that's why I never played with them. And for long I've never heard that the SNES-version maintained the original aesthetics, instead of adopting that horrible early pre-rendered-3D-then-turned-into-2D grpahics style.

    1. the " pre-rendered-3D-then-turned-into-2D" was for the ports of the games for PS1 and Saturn. The SNES version of Lost Vikings 2 looks like the screenshot seen in this article.

  2. finally! and Prehistorik 2 we need that too!

  3. When will it be available to play ?


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