Ninja Carnage - A great adventure game first released on the Amstrad, C64 and ZX Spectrum is now available for the Amiga

Well this came as a complete surprise to us, as trawling through the EAB forums, we have just found out that an awesome looking game has been released for the Commodore Amiga OCS called 'Ninja Carnage'. This game available to download for free via the website, and also available for the Amstrad CPC(2020) and Commodore 64(2021), is a large adventure game in which you must help a Ninja kill the Yakuza boss through dangerous locations such as a temple through supernatural situations.

A LOT of Swearing, not for Kids!

Here's the latest from the EAB site. "A new game for our beloved Amiga computer by the group Resistance. This game is an homage to early text adventure games. Your mission, to help a Ninja kill the yakuza boss. But there are two problems. First, the Ninja is very “bad ass”. He has a very special sense of humour and he thinks you are a total loser. He is very irreverent. The second problem is that the final boss is hidden very deep in a temple and your trip will lead you through supernatural situations. The gameplay is die and retry, meaning that each error will lead the Ninja to death".

Features : 

  • There are 29 levels in the game. The texts are more than 10 000 words and there are 128 different deaths for the Ninja. The game is fully and humanly translated into 7 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Polish).
  • The story is based on japanese culture, historical facts and ghost stories. The yokai are supernatural creatures in the japanese folklore. You’ll face many challenges, but I’m sure you’ll both be victorious…or not.
  • The game was originally created for 8-bit computers (C64, ZX Spectrum (link), and Amstrad CPC) and has been fully revamped and resounded for the Amiga. It uses HAM display for full color support.

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  1. Loved this on the C64, hope the Amiga version is just as good

  2. Nice graphics and fitting music. Free, too! I liked the game on the C64 as well.

  3. Might just be me, but it felt like it was swinging for a Deadpool style irreverent charm but came of as misogynistic humour without any of the wit. I actually found the opening setup really offputting, setting the stage with proposed hit on a "c**t ninja and her pussy friends". Kinda immediately knew this one wasn't for me, which felt a shame as the adventure mechanics are fun and feel modern.

    I completely acknowledge that humour is subjective - some will love it no doubt, I just feel this kind of writing puts nothing positive into the world... I'd love to know if it's just me, and I mean to offer this only as a discussion point!

    1. It's not just you I feel the same... Don't get me wrong I have no problem with swearing, I certainly swear enough ;). But in games, too much is too much! Other than that, it does look like a nice game! Not sure how Amiga Bill is going to stream it haha

  4. This ninja has a foul mouth for sure...

  5. Replaced all the nice pixel art with blurry photos. I'll stick to the 8-bit versions. lol


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