Cross Horde - Stop the Horde in this new C64 and Plus/4 game by Fabrizio Caruso

When you've just stepped into an apocalyptic world, lost with no food and all but the screams of other human's being eaten alive by deadly Zombies, then you know you're either playing a Zombie game or watching a new show on TV. Sure enough here's another one to whet your appetite, Cross Horde developed by Fabrizio Caruso; a new C64 and Plus/4 game which pits you against a horde of Zombies, as a new Shoot 'em up with just a bow and arrow to keep you company!

L'abbaye Des Morts - Indie Retro News C64 Game of the Year 2019 looks to be coming to the Amiga

If you've been following Indie Retro News throughout these last few years, you would've known about Locomalito's awesome retro styled platformer 'L'Abbaye des Morts'; a fantastic game which not only appeared on the PC by Locomalito, but as a release on the ZX Spectrum, and as a port for the Amiga OS 4, Sega Megadrive and C64 by Antonio Savona and Cross. Well if you've been keen to play this on your Amiga, then thankfully UltraNarwhal has you covered. As recently he announced he maybe porting the game to the Amiga using Earok's brilliant Scorpion Engine.

A Robocop remake in the works for the Amiga?

Now this is a real blast from the past and not only a well known game, but a game from a movie that pretty much everyone would have heard of at least once while growing up. Let me just shout the name out in large caps to grab your attention 'ROBOCOP'. That's right retro heads this is Robocop, a game that was originally published by Ocean in the 80's, and now thanks to seko, looks to be getting a complete rework developed in Blitz for those of you who felt the original 1989 Ocean/Data East game was rather lacking.

Liberator (Gameboy Color) - Homebrew version of the classic Commodore C16 Plus4 game!

Another shoot em up release for all you fine folk, as trawling through the website, we've just come across a new(ish) game released on the Gameboy Colour called 'Liberator'. For those of you who remember this fine game, that's because Liberator was originally released on the Commodore C16 Plus4 way back in 1986 and was coded by D.R Gamon and released by Magnificent 7 Software. It was at the time regarded as one of the best space shooters created for the C16/Plus4 as a commercial game.

Blork - A fantastic albeit unfinished game found by Games That Weren't for the Amiga 500

Chances are if you had an Amiga, you would've enjoyed the many Shoot em ups released on that well loved computer, such as Project X, Banshee and the latest ones released such as Reshoot and our personal favorite Inviyya. Well as a complete surprise to us and what looks to be a rather special game indeed, Saberman has done a video of an unreleased game called 'Blork';  a very stylish underwater shooter created by the demo group Scienide around the mid-late 90s.

Turbo Sprint - Eagerly awaited Arcade AGA quality port of "Super Sprint" gets a release!

We've just received some glorious news from Graeme Cowie aka Mcgeezer, as if you've been eagerly awaiting his in development Arcade like version of Turbo Sprint, then you'll be overjoyed to learn that as of today you can download the full and final version via his page linked below. For those of you who didn't follow our previous articles. Turbo Sprint is an Arcade AGA quality port of "Super Sprint",  which was originally released at the Arcades and then on many home computer systems such as the Amstrad CPC.

Henry's House - The first of many 8bit games coming to your Amiga via MC STUDIO

The Amiga gets another mention today prior to the big release tonight, as trawling through the Amiga Facebook group, Marecheck has announced that Henry's House is being converted over to the Amiga as the first of many 8bit to 16bit conversions by MC STUDIOS. For those of you who haven't heard of the game before, Henry's House is an eight level platform game which was originally released on the C64 and then ported to Atari 8-bit machines.

Sploids - A highly enjoyable yet challenging puzzler for the SAM Coupe

SAM CoupĂ© gamers you might be interested in this news update, as we've just been given the heads up by a good friend of ours, that the fast paced reaction puzzle game of ' Sploids ', which also appeared on the Pokitto and ZX Spectrum, has been made available via BlackJet for the SAM Coupe. A game which is a nice puzzle game based on Photon Storm's Quarter and also released via another developer for the Atari 2600 and Supervision as Assembloids by Martin Wendt.