Elite on the Vectrex? That's rather impressive!

Only just recently I was talking to a few friends about the original David Braben's 8-bit space combat trading simulator of Elite, and how we've seen a few fan based remakes appear such as Oolite and even the Android port of Alite. But this latest news update is pretty impressive indeed! As if you've got a Vectrex or thinking of getting one, you might be interested to know that Ralf Kornmann is working on bringing that classic space game of "Elite" over to that classic retro system!

GoADF - A fantastic piece of Amiga software gets an update!

The Amiga community goes from strength to strength, sporting not just new games but applications that give the Amiga an extra boost in usability. We've certainly featured enough of them and more especially with our good friend Amiga Bill on Twitch! But today's news is something special for users of new software, as thanks to a heads up by 'Bitplan Krzysztof Donat'. We've just been told that he has launched the latest version of GoADF:  a fabulous program that does more than just support ADF files (Floppy Files)

Atarenium Falcon - A new Amiga game demo by Last Minute Creations

The next game to be mentioned and yet another Amiga title announced by us in the last couple of weeks, is a new demo for an in development Amiga game called ' Atarenium Falcon '. This game developed by Last Minute Creations, pits you against the Amigans Empire and their treacherous leader Great Miner. You must reclaim as much coal as possible stolen from Atari Tribe by the Amigans to win the game.

Coloco - A new Speccy game by Tuxedo Games featuring The Mojon Twins Mk1 Engine

It's a Monday and you know what that means? NEW GAMES! Yes indeed the first one up that was released over the weekend, is Tuxedo Games ZX Spectrum release of ' Coloco '; This new title developed using the Mojon Twins Mk1 Engine, is a game in which you are on a mission to rescue those that have been stranded, as their second hand rockets have crashed in the most unpleasant of places.

Smarty And The Nasty Gluttons - Another Amiga special appears but this one is ready for download!

There's been a lot of hot stories this week, from the announcement of Dragon Slayer coming to the Commodore Amiga, and even the brilliant platformer of L'abbaye Des Morts released for the MSX. But now after taking us completely by surprise and as another heads up by Solo, we've been told Eero Tunkelo has released the top quality platformer of 'Smarty And The Nasty Gluttons ' for the Amiga, with a downloadable ADF file below.

Atic Atac - Ultimate Play the Game classic on the Amstrad gets a another update tease

As we said before, Ultimate Play the Game has been mentioned countless times on Indie Retro News, especially as homebrew developers and graphical artists had taken it upon themselves to convert/port many of those classics over to systems that didn't have the luxury of the original in the first place. Games such as Atic Atac being ported over to the C64 by Steven Day, Saul Cross and Tomcat from the BBC Micro or ZX Spectrum, is one such mighty game we have mentioned this year alone.

Knight Guy in Low Res World - Castle Days - An Atari 2600 to Atari 7800 port is looking rather cool

Another cool looking game to sink your retro teeth into on this rather hot Thursday afternoon, as Saberman has just done a new video for a work in progress game called ' Knight Guy in Low Res World : Castle Days '. This game currently being developed for the Atari 7800 and available for testing below, was previously created for the Atari 2600 and this is a new high end port developed by vhzc.

Dragon Slayer - A never before seen Amiga game is being rebuilt for release!

Here on Indie Retro News we love featuring unreleased games that have finally seen the light of day, games such as Swidron, Slez, and Stalker to name but a few we have mentioned. Well now have we got some HOT NEWS for you! As just moments ago thanks to a heads up from our good friend Per Ola, we've been told the unreleased game of ' Dragon Slayer ', will finally be released at some point in the new future as a complete rebuild by one of the original programmers named as Christian Haller.

HOT News as 'L'abbaye Des Morts' MSX port gets a release!

If you've been following Indie Retro News through these last few years, you would've known about Locomalito's awesome retro styled platformer 'L'Abbaye des Morts'; a game which not only appeared on the PC, but as a release on the ZX Spectrum, a port for the Amiga OS 4, and yes even a port for the Sega Megadrive and the C64 with stunning music by Gryzor87. Well we've not finished talking about the game just yet! As today we are pleased to announce the game has been released on the MSX via the MSXdev'20 #15 thanks to the team effort of RetroDeluxe.

From Below - A great Tetris style game in development for the NES

Oh joy of joys, if you loved the 1984 game of Tetris or the 1989 game of Columns , you'll be pleased to know that as of today you can download or play via your browser the very latest Tetris inspiration of ' From Below ' for the NES. This game which was first announced in May, is a high grade Tetris style game that doesn't just feature great animation, but top quality detail and classic gameplay we've loved since the era of the original.

Neadeital - A Tir-Na-Nog and Dun Darach inspiration coming to the ZX Spectrum!

If you've been following the latest Kickstarter campaign for the Crash Annual 2021, you would've seen that in development for the Kickstarter, Matt Birch was creating a brand new game for the ZX Spectrum called Neadeital. Well seeing as we didn't do a feature for the game itself, we thought it best to show in this article with not just some new screenshots, but also new footage which was all shown during the Kickstarter campaign itself.

EXO - An upcoming Atari 7800 game with heavy inspirations to Cybernoid

If you had a ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, C64, NES or Amiga, chances are you would've played ' Cybernoid '; a shoot 'em up published in 1987 by Hewson Consultants that is regarded by many as a very challenging, albeit very enjoyable game with fabulous music by Jeroen Tel or Jochen Hippel (ST). Well if you do remember the game and did have a chance to play it, you might be interested to know,  that as of right now you can try out Muddyfunster's Cybernoid early inspiration called E.X.O; an upcoming game which has been demo'd on the Atari 7800